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Posted: 29th July 2004

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

There I was happily finishing off the few remaining articles for this bumper edition when it struck. The dreaded 'This is the page of User 54963. Unfortunately' etc etc... As is usual in the days leading up to publication I had about 4 different windows open. One was formatting The Post front page and had just been clicked for a preview. That action returned the scary message; 'You do not have permission to delete this guide entry'! Another page had been asked to access a Post archive. This one came up with; 'No Such Guide Entry
The Guide Entry you requested does not exist. Perhaps you mistyped it, or the link you followed was broken.' The final window I hadn't clicked, so I waited for a while and then tried to travel back to The Post Office... still just a user number with no page content. Slightly worrying as, by my reckoning, The Post Team has around 5,000 plus entries to its name now. Anyway, if you are reading this, everything must be back to normal now - although my early night has become a 4am marathon session.

Whilst I am rabbiting on about h2g2 matters may I remind you of the Links service we provide. We try very hard to keep a list of all the clubs in and around h2g2 but can only keep this up to date with your help. Please let us know if you spot a club which has fallen into misuse/been deleted for any reason and we especially like to know when a new one has been set up. Not only will it be added to the ever expanding list but also be featured in the 'new clubs' section of the Announcements. Unfortunately, Deus still seems absent so the Ads page is currently not being updated. Hopefully he will be back in the swing of things soon.

Finally, a plea to all our poets to send us some more poems. The cupboard is almost bare! Oh, and those of you who enjoy fiction (and we have some great fiction in this edition) may be interested to know that MaW returns very soon with a new series.



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