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  • 13.05.04

    A wonderful selection of articles grace our Features sections this week, including stuff from the Usual Suspects, a couple of articles about a weekend at Butlins and we are asked to ponder the connection between voilence and games.

    More poetry and haiku in the Features section and 'Errors of Comedy' reaches Chapter 26.

    The Cartoons are always ready to make you giggle and a bumper selection nearly overflows the Regulars section this week, '24 Lies A Second', 'Mancunian Blues', 'Small Screen Surfin'', 'The Cranky Gardener', Recipes, Fun and Games for you to enjoy, to name but a few.

  • 20.05.04

    We start off this week with the news that The Post is not going to be published for the following two weeks as the team enjoy a well deserved holiday. But there is plenty this week to keep you occupied, so first take a look at the Fiction section. roying, Dr Anthea and Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse all have poems published this week and 'Errors of Comedy' moves on to chapter 27.

    There are three wonderful cartoons for you to enjoy, whilst in the Regulars section quizzical returns with 'Running With Scissors' and DZ brings us another 'In Other Words'.

    There's a full to bursting Features section, with write ups about the Eurovision Song Contest, Meets, Treats and Letters.

  • 10.06.04

    We return after a two week absence. Pinniped gives us a poignant reminder of Flixborough 30 years ago and we learn all about Transits of Venus. DZ and quizzical both return and Blues Shark goes gothic. ~jwf~ and tonsil revenge come up with more goodies this week as do Awix, HPB, the Jon M, Smudger, Psycorp and Atlantic_Cable. Hypatia continues her series on wildlife gardening and Master B provides both a recipe and sports news. Time Out in Africa sadly draws to a close, Egon keeps us up late, Greebo taxes our brains, our wonderful poets massage our emotions and Danny B continues his epic tale of Sprawling Metropolis. The Rev Jack's Diary and Reality Bytes begin and the whole issue is completed by some great cartoons

  • 17.06.04

    Awix reports on the new Harry Potter film while HPB expresses his distate of Big Brother. Our own BB, Reality Bytes, reaches week two and a participant leaves. Galaxy Babe reports on the most recent transit of Venus, Pinniped delights in sweeties and Smudger drives a taxi. There's plenty of rock n' roll with Blues and The_Jon_m and quizzical and The Rev Jack celebrate Father's Day. We give you 50 ways to leave your lover and charm you back with haiku and poetry. Mr Inquisitor meets Dr Anthea and EPD offers a smorgasbord. More regulars, more cartoons, more Post.

  • 24.06.04

    This week saw the Summer Solstice and MaW, DZ, quizzical and The_Jon_m all celebrate with articles. Wimbledon and the Euro football dominate the sport but both CAC and EPD have other things on their mind. Mr Inquisitor meets Joe C and the recipe is all Greek to us. Mancunian Blues tackles fly posting, Smudger braves a bridge, Pinniped waxes lyrical and Sprout provides an epilogue for his African adventures. Events become foamy in The Errors of Comedy, Reality continues to Byte and Mr C poses a question in Inanimate.

  • 01.07.04

    History is brought to life by Pinniped while The Post eavesdrops on an interesting conversation. Awix holidays but still reviews a golden oldie. I hope he isn't sharing a tent with Smudger! Food features heavily with CAC, The Rev Jack and quizzical. In amongst the haiku and poems Dr Anthea and Psycorp603 battle it out. Sprout takes a stroll with the h2g2 search engine and Mr Inquisitor meets loup.dargent. There is new fiction with the start of the X-Philes, Lucky Star is measured up and plenty of fun items to explore.

  • 08.07.04

    A very mixed bag as the holiday season kicks in. Awix experiences Infernal Affairs, HPB goes Sci-Fi and Mancunian Blues goes live. EPD is wearing flip-flops and both Bossel and Sprout go climbing. Euro 2004 gets a post mortem and prose but quizzical prefers bulls. Smudger is Accomodated and Pinniped Jung. Spiderman heads east and the Reality Bytes contestants head home. The Inanimate voting is revealed and we visit a bedroom with Platypus. Mr Inquisitor meets Werekitty and Master B saags. Methinks the silly season has begun!

  • 15.07.04

    We bid a fond farewell to Sprawling Metropolis as Errors of Comedy reaches its conclusion. Sprout seeks out the colour blue and quizzical ghosts. HPB watches Sunday TV and Egon stays up even later. CAC has a headache and EPD is confuzzled. Awix gets Shrekked for the second time, Pinniped becomes caustic and Smudger is tugged. Several takes a trip down memory lane and we experience more heroics with loup.dargent. The Post opens the doors to Room 101 and revisits h2IQ. Six poems and three cartoons vie for attention as Mr Inquisitor meets Asmodai Dark.

  • 22.07.04

    Awix meets some unfeasibly large tentacles and The Jon-M tells us how to make a million. Three new series start - Weirdness from Hussassan, Blind Justice from Mike_Penny and men with big bikes in Diary of an Endurance Racing Team. Smudger moves back whereas Reinhard crosses the Mungo Desert and Sprout climbs The North face of the Taillan. Deeety and Pan Galactic Hoopy Frood join Reefgirl and our poets in the fiction section and Pinniped dabbles with a spot of fantasy too. Shazz puts forward her candidates for Room 101, a Summer Caption Competition starts and Greebo quizzes us with Word Play and QED. Plenty to get your teeth into!

  • 29.07.04

    A total of 10 Features, 14 Regulars, 3 each poems, cartoons and fiction stories make the Front Page extra long this week. To only select a few for mention in this summary would be churlish so you really should just click on the link and discover all the delights for yourself.

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