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Welcome to the page where you can "Meet the H2G2-Researchers for [email protected]".

Users currently in the H2G2 Reseachers group

Currently, 82 persons have joined the h2g2 Researchers1: 72 of them -ordered by Researcher number- are known (a name between brackets is the name used with [email protected], if it is different from the name used here)

If your name is in the above list, but unlinked (i.e: in white), there are two possible reasons:
  • you haven't Linked to The [email protected] Project yourself. On this project I don't give one-way links since that wouldn't be fair towards the people who *do* link to the project :-)
  • you were already on the list, but only just now made a link and I haven't noticed yet. In this case, just type the name you used for [email protected] in the following box and click the button. That's all :-)
  • If you just entered the list, and made it easy for me to find you, then *PLEASE* do *NOT* post a message, because there is no need.
    You don't have to tell me, if your name is the same on both places and you have linked to your page. I can easily see that for myself, and will check your page for a SETI-link immediately.

  • (If you only want to see if this works, then please don't do it here, but visit For those that need convincing.)

Your [email protected] name:

If you are participating, but did not find your name in the above list at all, there are again two possible reasons:
  • you just started, and I haven't yet checked the list after you joined. If you use the same name AND have linked to your H2G2-page from your SETI-account, then *PLEASE* do *NOT* post a message. I *WILL* see your name the next time I check the SETI-list, which I do every day.
  • you must be very hard to identify. You're then considered "unknown". Check out How to join the H2G2 Researchers group for information on what to do about it (unless, of course, you wish to stay unknown :-)).

Whatever the case, don't worry. I'll check out the group statistics and this forum at least twice a day, so if you make sure that your part is done, I'll do mine as soon as possible. The current unknowns are (in alphabetical order):
  • (no name)
  • (no name)
  • Cyberia
  • Dave McNally, (BAD URL)
  • Fish
  • Lorenz Hahn
  • notomat
  • Raven
  • Thomas vR
  • Wonky

How to join the H2G2 Researchers group

  • Make sure that I can identify you with not too much effort. There are several ways to do that:
    • If you do not use the URL-option of the [email protected] web-site otherwise, please set the URL to your introduction-page here for easy reference (the URL to use is "", where xxxxx is your researcher number. Do NOT add http:// in front of the URL, please, the SETI system does that already!). This is by far the BEST method for helping me.
    • If you DO use the URL-option of the [email protected] web-site otherwise, then please make sure I can easily identify you by name. If you're registered at the [email protected] web-site with a different name from what you're using here, then please read on, to find out how to change that.
    • If your URL is already used to point to a regular web-page, and your name might be inconclusive (because others here have the same name, for example), then please make sure that your regular page shows a link to your H2G2-page, or that an email-address is available on that web-page. This email-address should be the address used for registering with both [email protected] AND H2G2, so I can verify that I'm adding the correct person.
  • I must *insist* that you help us persuade more people to join, by Linking to The [email protected] Project. If I can find you without too much effort, your name *will* be shown in the list below, but if you don't link to the mentioned page, I won't link to yours. Sorry!

Remember: if you don't follow the above guidelines, it may become VERY hard for me to identify you. For example: there are 82 H2G2 users who have "Brian" anywhere in their name (normal name, email-address OR nickname; the search engine checks them all), so if you're registered with [email protected] as Brian, and your URL is of no help, I will never be able to track you down. Sorry! Checking and changing your account at the [email protected] web-site is easy enough, and you won't loose any credit you already earned. Just enter the email-address and password for your [email protected] account in the form just below this paragraph, and press the button to get to the "edit account" page. There you can edit your registered NAME and your URL (simply "" without "http://", where xxxxx must be replaced with your researcher number), to make yourself easier to identify.
Email address
of your [email protected] account:
Your [email protected] password:
If you don't know your password, click here.

When/if you're satisfied that you'll be easy to identify, you will want to actually JOIN, right? You can do that directly from here using the following form:
Email address
of your [email protected] account:
Your [email protected] password:
If you don't know your password, click here.

Please note: sometimes, shortly after changing your personal info at the [email protected] web site, the GROUP-info may still show the OLD information. Don't worry about that. It will be corrected when the server refreshes it's database once a day. Then hopefully I will have the info that I need to add you.

Linking to The [email protected] Project

For linking from your own H2G2-page to these SETI-pages, you might use the content of the following text-box:
From the famous Arecibo Observatory, which houses the world's largest single dish radio telescope, scientists are listening out for transmissions from space. Participate in this project for the search for extraterrestrial life with other h2g2 Researchers on <LINK H2G2="A193231">The [email protected] Project</LINK>. If you do take part, there is a small but captivating possibility that your computer will be the one to first detect a message transmitted from an alien civilization. Wow.

If you wish to use your own words, please feel free to do so, or alternatively choose one of the [email protected] H2G2 Images2, but whatever you do, please remember not to link to THIS page, but to page A193231, and please keep the title intact: "The [email protected] Project"

One final note: for the Text-link as described above, your page needs to be made up in GuideML or (if you edit the link) HTML. For the pictures you need either HTML or GuideML.

Some interesting links/tools

  • h2g2 Researchers shows the current statistics for the "h2g2 Researchers group", and allows you to join the group if you're already running the [email protected] program.
  • [email protected] Statistics shows you the current overall [email protected] statistics.
  • The situation at Sat May 6 05:01:41 2000 UTC looked like this:

    TotalLast 24 Hours
    Results received117632521621196
    Total CPU time271330.63 years1163.15 years
    Floating Point
    (14.38 TeraFLOPs/sec)
    Average CPU time
    per work unit
    20 hr 12 min 20.8 sec16 hr 24 min 09.0 sec
  • If you're not yet running the [email protected] program, The [email protected] project is the place to go for info on: what [email protected] is all about and how to participate in it.
  • If you'd like to see your own statistics, you can type your email-address in the box below, and then click the button.
Email address
of your [email protected] account:

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