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According to statistics 87% of computer CPU's spend over 90% of their 'powered up' time doing bugger all. Now, considering we have to feed the things with electricity most of the time, that's one hell of a waste of dead crustations.

We at The h2g2 [email protected] Researchers Group are putting all those deceased trilobites to better use - join us and give a milliwatt a good home.

The [email protected] (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project is monumental in size, breathtaking in it's scientific concept, provides a ground breaking use of the internet and has an all round fundamental WOW factor. Yet, it is easier to participate in, than standing, bare foot, on a sharp piece of Lego. (for those of you who have never been either young nor a parent, Lego and bare feet are more attracted to each other than sand and the more delicate areas of the neither regions).

The links below will provide you with all the details you require to sign up as a truly Intergalactic Hitch Hiker.

Let's hope that someone out there is sticking their thumb out!

For details of the [email protected] project and the Guides involvement in it, go to The [email protected] Project1.

If you are already participating in [email protected], but haven't yet signed up as a member of the H2G2 Researchers and would like to do so, Meet the H2G2-Researchers for [email protected]2. You can also visit h2g2 Researchers for an up-to-date overview of how our team is doing.

For information about the history of the SETI program, check out SETI History3.

If you like to find out about the chances of discovering smart buggers out there in the great nothing, check out The Drake Equation4.

There are numerous other articles on the SETI or [email protected] subjects, here on the guide as well as outside. For a list of those, please visit SETI: a guide to SETI, in and out of h2g25.

I will be recording special historical events on History of The [email protected] h2g2 Researchers Group.

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