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Meet the H2G2 Researchers

8th April 2000 55 members 6746 Units completed 14.66 years of processor

This page will be the parchment upon which we etch the history of the
Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy [email protected] group, just in case one of
us stumbles upon that elusive spike of gusian.

If you are not listed, or something you consider to be important is not
yet listed, please don't be offended, this page by it's nature is a work
in progress. Leave a message in below or e-mail me directly at [email protected]
and I will update this page accordingly. I have used a simple date - event
listing for now if the information grows it can always be adjusted to
suit the content better.

The History
 h2g2 Researchers Group created on the
[email protected] site by 53909 (HardBack).
26th August 1999
 The [email protected]
page created by The Mummy
21st October 1999
page created by Daniel PR(ACE)
21st October 1999
the H2G2 Researchers for [email protected]
page created by The Mummy
26th October 1999

This space definitely needs filling in. Who
are you when did you join etc. etc. Let me know and I will fill
it in.



 A certain Mr. Adams aka DNA joined the
Early March 2000
 The Official [email protected] - h2g2 Researchers
Group page created by Peta for me in my absence. Much of the credit
for this pages content goes to The Mummy (see
17th March 2000
 Chris Lambert passed 200 units17th March ~ 8th April 2000
 Doug Dastardly passed 200 units
 Emeraldcitizan passed 100 units
 Simon Owen passed 100 units
What to List?

Here are the events I will initially list.

Group WideIndividual
  • Every time we complete 5 years of processing time (starting
    from 25th March 2000).
  • Every time we complete 1000 units.
  • Every time we acquire (by fair means or foul!) a notable member
    to the group
  • A new member joining (hopefully with the number of units they
    brought with them if they were an individual or defected from
    another group).
  • Every time a member completes 100 units
  • Notable spikes and Gausians
We can add to this as time progresses, so any suggestions
on what else we could include just let me have them.

The following is the original content of this page as posted on 26th August
1999. Remember most of the information is out of date, I am only listing it
for posterity.

[email protected] h2g2 Researchers Group

With blessing from above I have set up a group on the

[email protected]
web site for any h2g2 users who wish to participate in the project.

If you are already using the screensaver client either individually or in another
group (and want to defect) just go to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu and
follow the instructions for joining a group, the one your looking for is h2g2

New To SETI?

If you don’t know about [email protected] there is loads of information on their
web site

in fairly plain English, but here’s
the basics …

The team will be scanning approx 1/3 of the sky over the next 2 years with
the Aribo radio telescope in Brazil. All the data is being recorded in real
time and then split up into little chunks that we can deal with.

If you sign up you will download a Screensaver program to do the calculations
on the little chunks of data whilst your computer is otherwise idle. When a
chunk is finished the program asks you to connect to the Internet, sends it’s
results home and gets another little chunk to work on.

At present there are over a million computers joined up to the project all
doing their little chunks, and to give you some idea of how a little goes a
long way so far those million computers have contributed 58327 YEARS of processor
time, forming one of the biggest Parallel Computing experiments ever.

So join up, join the ‘h2g2 Researchers’ Group and let’s see
if we can find anything intelligent out there (cause we’re lacking it
down here!)

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