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Most people are used to the forums working in a certain way:

1. you open a forum and read what's there.

2. you click a reply button below the message that you wish to reply to.

3. you then get a subject line which you can (but are not required to) change and a box for your comment.

4. then you click the "post message" button, and are brought back to the forum where the message appears.

And now you see one little box in this article, and I dare to implicate that whatever you type there, ends up in a forum? You can't set the subject, and you don't know what you're replying to, unless you check out the forum at the bottom of the screen. Can it work?

Ok, so you wanted to see if this works? You don't believe what you can't see? You're a cynic? Try it with the box below. :-)
Type something here:

If you wish to create something similar, The Cheese has explained the procedure in his article named Forms Code.

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