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Seti Problems

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Has anyone any sugestions.

Downloaded ok
After processing a unit, I made it waite until able to connect to phone line.

It will not connect and apars to have lost the unit?
Is it me?


Seti Problems

Post 2

Captain_SpankMunki [Keeper & Former ACE] Thanking <Diety of choice> for the joy of Goo.

I've had problems connecting to the server recently or viewing status pages. I think they are doing some upgrade work on the servers.

It's unlikely that you have lost the information. If you are connecting over a modem don't forget the unit is 350kB and may take a while to download. Do you have any firewall software preventing SETI from talking to the outside world?


Seti Problems

Post 3


Hi Liam

No there is no firewall.
I was connected to the web ok, It told me it could not connect.
Then the full status bar disipeard.
I will try again when I can connect to the phone.


Seti Problems

Post 4


Connected ok last night.

I do not think any data from the last processing was sent, to quick.
I have had a lot of networking problems, recently, so I thought it was me.


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