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Bold Ferret - God of Three Sided Squares, Helium Filled Lemmings and A Slightly Bent Teaspoon

Rabib rats? My seat was never that soft, I had to sit in a box of Ravenous Hedgehogs while I ate my housebricks. I never had the luxury of eating radioactive waste. Ahh! The variety I missed out on.

The Monty Python Sketch page

Post 462


Hedgehogs? What I would've given to be allowed to sit on hedgehogs! I had to sit on a bag of rusty hyperdermic syringes from the experimental disease laboratory. And even then I felt privilidged to be allowed to sit down, as my feet had been machined gunned away by my step-dad and his cronies in the name of sport.

The Monty Python Sketch page

Post 463


We were so poor when I were a lad, dad had to masturbate the dog so the cat could eat.

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