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This week:

We find at least two new writers!

And borrow one of spook's.
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First, let me introduce Analiese .
If you know nothing about aboriginal sensitivities (and that includes most of us) be warned; you will be drawn in to a unique world view which will quite 'naturally' upset your own desensitised and 'civilised' vision of the Cosmos, ultimately for the better.
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Those who have already encountered Analiese, have been moved by her one woman effort to share, and inform us of, her native American culture.
We'll be featuring much more of her writing soon, but
for now
begin here with a simple folk tale:

The Story of Gallina
by Analiese

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Our second new writer [HPB] Kryten smiley - space (about whom we have much to learn)
is creating a NEW FANTASY SERIES which promises to be
an epic tale in many parts.
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Kryten says :
'This is a story where only caring for Number One is the only thing stepping in the way of sending a world into Number Two...'

It all starts here:

FRAGMENTED: A Thanks For Discworld
Part I: Apocalypse Now

Darkwin is helping us edit these into GUIDE ML format and we'll be linking to one new epsiode each week, so no cheating. We don't want you peeking at the rough drafts on [HPB]Kryten's homespace. smiley - bigeyes

And Every Week:

CAC features something from the menu at
smiley - surfersmiley - space Spook's wonderful Spaced Out Guide smiley - spacesmiley - planet

Here's some advice on how to be dangerously alive:

Please sir, I can't fit into this box!
by Lady Lowena
(her first time in AggGag/CAC)
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And don't forget Darkwin's ongoing series:

Void Fruitcake #1
Void Fruitcake #2
Void Fruitcake #3
Void Fruitcake #4
Void Fruitcake #5
We expect a new installment soon.
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There'll be lots more CAC next week in the h2g2POST.
If you know any overlooked writers or want to point us to any lost and forlorn entries that deserve a wider audience, please, just drop us a note by posting at:
the join AggGag/Cac in conversation page
Yes, smiley - ok of course
you can recommend your own compositions.
We'll let the

be the judge. smiley - devil

On behalf of the Committee for Alien



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"42 may well be the answer, but we believe

there are still many questions to be asked."

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