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Come in, pull up a chair, make yourself at home. smiley - biggrin Please talk to me, leave me a message or something, because I get funny looks if I just talk to myself. Hi, I'm pathetical. I'm 22 years old and I live in Doncaster, England, at the moment. I've just rejoined this site after a 2-3 year hiatus, and I've spent the last hour and a half trying to remember what the hell I used to sign in as.

I'm a...

So... Bear that in mind, and let me know if you have any...uh, problems, that come under my juristiction.

Online Stuff

Most days I am to be found at the following places: deviantART, where I am known variously as pathetical, futilitarian, Overlaxly Fig and loofahfreak. LiveJournal. My main journal goes under the name of pathetical, although I now have a journal specifically for my NaNoWriMo adventures, called apathe I'm also frequently to be found at cerescape, under the moniker of pathetic
...Insert your credit card number, shameless grovelling, messages of worship and/or adoration here...
LIKES... Writing, poetry, politics, pistachio nuts, dreadlocks......DISLIKES FILING smiley - online2longUSEFUL STUFFsmiley - online2long

Find out who is online by clicking here, although why you'd want to do that when you can just click 'Who's online' on the side/top of the page is beyond me.

Also, find some newbies by clicking here, and being nice to them.

Also find out some vaguely interesting stuff by clicking here.

And Peer review is a very useful place to go.

Yay!!!! A new Popup conversations Gadget.smiley - cool This would be a useful link to the AGA/GAG1 page, which I can never find. Oh yes, and purely for my own amusement, a random entry.

1Or whatever...


smiley - wizardharrypotter.comsmiley - wizard

...The official Harry potter site.

smiley - catcorg.orgsmiley - cat

...The church of the real gerbil.

smiley - angeleastbourne-sa-youth.orgsmiley - angel

...My church youth group website.

smiley - devilThe sparksmiley - devil

...A funny site.

smiley - coolThe freakest link.smiley - cool

...Increase Mathers' site.

smiley - vampireSoul-x-changesmiley - vampire

...Sell your soul to Louis Cypher.

No doubt more sites will follow when I can be bothered to add them.

The Revolution will not be handed a large red handbag and forcefed tubby-custard. Allegedly.  Zaphodistas A520769.


smiley - cdoubleIncrease Matherssmiley - cdouble

...A friend from college.

Now at Reading, and probably talking to me about as often as I talk to him, to be fair, which isn't all that often.

smiley - geekLifson Kofiesmiley - geek

...Increase Mathers's moderately evil, non-identical not particularly related twin.

Still at good ol' Park College.

smiley - scientistLampholdersmiley - scientist

...Another friend from college.

Now at university too, and not on h2g2 very often.

smiley - zenRed Kensmiley - zen

...A friend from church.

Aging hippy and born-again 15-year-old.

smiley - laughTeeHeeesmiley - laugh

...Another me.

My Old, pre-BBC account. I still go there sometimes, because it's quiet and peaceful and don't have a constant backlog of postings to read through.

People who have pretty pages. There will be more.The KingIorethGoshoogoshoogoshIncrease MathersMarylouRed Ken

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