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So What brought you all to H2G2?

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I am really interested to find out what brought you all to H2G2? How did you find us?

We are *of course* really pleased you came and hope you stay...

- Peta
Community Editor

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Basically there are two reasons that I am attracted here like a moth to a bright light in the dark......

1. I love the concept of H2G2 and I have been a major fan of the HHGTTG since I was a 5 years old...... I always wanted to be a researcher for the guide - read my page for more info!

2. The Internet maybe the common denominator that brings the world closer to peace and harmony, H2G2 brings it all together and tells it straight, honest and with a touch of humor...... All good things!

I plan to stick around....... smiley - smiley

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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My Bro recommended it and I think he found it by just searching for hitchiker stuff.
Personally I love the idea of the site and as I'm on the internet at work its a top way to while away the hours.
I shall definetly be sticking around.
I'm also interested to know what will happen when everything is covered, I know theres a lot of stuff i'm into which is'nt there and when I get round to it this will be rectified but arent we eventually going to run out of topics. I suppose there's allways the hope of getting to another planet and becoming a real hiker of the galaxy then this guide will become the ultimate travellers guide.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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I think you told me about it at dougalsadams.com forums Peta smiley - winkeye


So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Dr. G.

I heard about it through the Mark Thomas Mailing list, somebody else must have come accross it somehow and thought it cool. Must say I check in every day and I'm getting into the conversations and things more. I'd love to contribute more but I guess it's just a case of inspiration and time.

Job's a good un I must say.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Jimi X

I was looking for new DNA books online doing a web search (That's how I found out about Last Chance to See") and this site came up on the search list. After I checked it out, I got hooked. And here I stayed!!

- Jimi X

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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I can't remember, which is really sad given that I only found H2G2 yesterday!

All I know is I'm glad I found it.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Cheerful Dragon

I was watching Tomorrow's World. When the website was announced, I went and registered straight away.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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For better or worse I subscribed to the Startship Titanic mailing list, and low and behold a few weeks ago I got this e-mail...

(I think with most people it was DNA appearing on The Big Breakfast, but I don't get up that early *ahem*)

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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C Hawke

Like the Cheerful Dragon I saw DNA on Tomorrow's World. But at the time I thought the internet was the devils tool for the forthcoming millenium attractions.

I reluctantant swallowed my pride and what was left of my social life and got one and after a while ended up here. It's the only forum/news group what-have you I send anything to. The guaranteed anonymity (gosh those were two long words for me)is a major attraction, no junk mail.

I first came across HHGTTG at about 10, on long wave and World service as we (me and my sister) came late and had to catch up on on the first series. World service was the only place we could get it oh so many years ago.


So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Waldo Dobbs

I am new to the net and I found you through .net magazine October issue. I love the noncommercial nature of the site and am spending most of my browsing time on it at present.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Y'all emailed me.

Boy, I'm glad you did! Almost as glad as I am that I have a fixed monthly fee so that I can browse this wide-ranging and fantastical site.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

Destiny. Or is that density?

Actually, I was spending an inordinate amount of hours just browsing the net, and happened to search for relevant links to the guide. The first search didn't return an awful lot, and I kind of got dissapointed. This prompted me to go out and buy some new copies of the guide in my local bookshop, and the check out assistant, on seeing I was buying all of the printed editions, gave me the address. On seeing what a friendly bunch I'd stumbled on, it has pretty much become my homepage ever since.

One day I'll learn to post without delving into life history type stuff - honest!

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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I saw DNA on Tomorrows World, waited a week or two for the inevitable rush to die down and then signed up. I haven't looked back since. Couldn't even at one point when the back of my neck became badly sunburnt playing rounders on Clapham Common.
smiley - fish

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

I stumbled on the site while searching for Hitchhiker stuff. It looked good, so I stuck around.

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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The Jester (P. S. of Village Idiots, Muse of Comedians, Keeper of Jokes, Chef and Seraph of Bad Jokes) LUG @ A458228

I read about it in the paper.

3smiley - biggrin

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Whilst hanging around on a favourite (or is that just 'familiar' now? smiley - winkeye) IRC channel (which used to be filled with mostly geeks but has dozed out since then -- and you know how much of a favourite HHGttG is to geeks! smiley - winkeye) when batty came in and said, "Wow, check out this site!" and gave us your URL. Someone (perhaps me?) said, "h2g2?" and the Hitchhiker phrase was mentioned. smiley - bigeyes

I came, registered, slapped something up, checked out the page editor, peeked around a bit, and disappeared for seven weeks. Then I came back, found it wasn't so daunting after all, and got hooked. Happily. smiley - winkeye

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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*grin* Me too... looks like you were *slightly* quicker of the mark than I was, which is a good thing, otherwise I'd be called something daft like 26139 or 26112, or some other equally sad name smiley - smiley

They weren't exactly very clever in the way they did that, were they? They should have put it on the screen in really *small* writing, then gradually made it bigger over the course of the show... that way you'd get a steady influx of people instead of one massive rush overwealming the server... and, you'd have all the researchers sorted by eyesight smiley - smiley

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Researcher 56008

Philliper Forrester brought me here.
God Luv 'er

So What brought you all to H2G2?

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

I played the Starship Titanic game, got desperately stuck, and hit the online forums for help. Along the way I made some friends there, spent an inordinate amount of time there, and someone happened to mention this site. I've stuck around mostly because I'm a wannabe writer, and this organization is the only one I know of foolish enough to publish me.

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