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Posted: 3rdApril 2003


Where do all the pens go? Odd question I know, but a good enough one to get our founder thinking and deciding to comment on it in his marvellous books.

The reason I ask is, whenever I need to write something down in a hurry, every pen in the Lair seems to have mysteriously vanished. It also happens in the Post Office; even though Shazz has the rather odd habit of super glueing them to her workers hands. Poor Awix when he joined our hallowed company was most distraught to realise that he will have to go around for the rest of his life with a writing implement stuck to his digit. He ought to be thankful though, it was only a few short months ago that Shazz was stapling them on, and before that the good old hammer and nail was used. Now that hurt, it really did, but not as much as having a great idea descend into your brain and then finding you have no way of jotting it down... then after taking a good few hours in fruitless searching, you find it only to have forgotten why you needed it in the first place!!!

So if any of you have any ideas about how not to lose your pen in a crucial and maybe life threatening situation (as I said, Shazz gets rather annoyed at pen loss, and sometimes stops the doughnut rations if one is lost), then please do let us know in a conversation below. Though saying this, I see that one of our number has once more found his crayons and given us the fruit of his labours. Yes Mister Bagger has returned with a WOW in his cartoon series h2g2 Life, also bright and shiny with newness is the new regular column, Running with Scissors, something we don't advocate you do, but reading it is fine, as long as you take care.

This nice pair are joining our normal regulars, and features this week, in a recipe of delightful words and imagery that make up yet another jam (doughnut) packed edition of your favourite h2g2 newspaper. Ohhhh, doughnut, what a wonderful word that is, and they don't taste to bad either... ~grin~

Ahh yes, before I get too carried away, here's a small but important reminder to our diligent work force of submitters. The offsite Post Office is no longer to be used for sending your articles to us, please use the handy e-mail address that is displayed on the main Post Office page here at h2g2. This is because the offsite website is broken, I own up, I sat on it. It was an accident, accidents happen, enough said... I cannot be blamed as I am a cat, and as we all know cats are allowed to do anything because we are so nice and lovable. Thank you

This weeks Post was brought to you by h2g2 and 'Towels R Us - your one stop towel shop with free stains for all'. I kid you not... Share and Enjoy.

Greebo T. Cat ~wink~


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