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Posted: 3rd September 2018

Look for the Rainbow

Mrs Hoggett's rainbow

Seen any good rainbows lately? Rainbows come after the rain. Sometimes, rain is welcome. Other times, not so much, such as when you were hoping to go swimming, or you've just heard the tornado siren go off, or you've got washing on the line….as the Bible says, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Watching for rainbows, though, is a sign of wise optimism. If you have a camera handy, it's also a sign of willingness to share that optimism.

Author Thomas Keneally has written:
....when you chronicle the predictable and measurable success evil generally achieves – it is easy to be wise, wry, piercing, to avoid bathos. It is easy to show the inevitability by which evil acquires all of what you could call the real estate of the story..... Fatal human malice is the staple of narrators, original sin the mother-fluid of historians. But it is a risky enterprise to have to write of virtue.

Those are wise words for h2g2, because we so often seem to be swimming against the tide of the times as we chronicle our observations of life on this planet. Shouldn't we be railing louder against the evils of our time? Are we a bunch of Pollyannas with our funny signs and nature photos? I would argue that, no, we are just looking for the rainbow. If we concentrate only on the problem, we let evil acquire all the real estate….

A good cat picture can be a powerful protest against what's wrong with the world. (Your cat will agree.)

So, on to this week's contents.
  • Willem shows us the guinea fowl and tells us about this fascinating bird. The pictures are great. After this, you'll want one. (We know Farmer Hoggett will.)
  • Shamelessly cute items for the week include: a farm cat (natch), another tiny toad (why not?), and some adorable Isle of Wight hedgehogs which the Isle of Wight cats are studiously ignoring. Leave comments in Lolcats.
  • Awix, our esteemed cinema critic, has been whisked off to strange parts by his boss. Parts so strange they don't have regular English-language cinema service….how will he survive? Worse, how will we survive without him? That part at least has been taken care of. Awix has left us a backlog of cinema reviews to tide us over until he returns with (I hope) photos from Kyrgyzstan. In the meantime, enjoy the thrill ride that is The Greatest Showman.
  • There seems to be no end to SashaQ's artistic ability. This week, learn about plasticine, and what Sasha did with it.
  • As mentioned last week, the h2g2 Post is on a mission to revive the art of the serialised story. You're already eager for this week's installment of Freewayriding's zen-biker saga, 'Seek and Ye Shall Find', and behold, it is here. So, thanks to some prodding from Tavaron, is the international thriller with the extremely catchy title of 'The Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänstöchterentführungsgesetzvollstreckungsbeamter and the Vegetarian Vampire'. It's all about goulash, steamships, and detectives. You will enjoy this.
  • There is also one-off short fiction, essay-writing and humour throughout the issue, as usual. Read and respond.
  • Rainbow
  • We have cartoons. We have quizzes. We have a video. We've found another weird sign. In short, we've been looking up, down, around, and back in the archives for things that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

So yes, the news is sometimes grim. The situation around us may be grave. We're not saying you should ignore the issues. But we are refusing to allow evil to have all the real estate. We're going to keep looking for those rainbows. Whatever you see, take a photo for us. Whatever you're thinking about, write it down. Who knows? Yours may be the word of encouragement somebody else needed today.

And have a good week!

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