Bar Tender?

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Bar Tender?

A man walks into a bar and notices a bottle of whisky,

rattling on the shelf. So he asks the bar tender 'What's that?'

'Oh that's just restless spirit.'

'And what about that bottle floating in mid-air?'

'It's just a little high spirited.'

Another man walks into the same bar a little later.

'Give me a shot of red eye!'

Bang. The bar tender knocks him flying.

'Say, what did you give me a black eye for?'

'We ain't got no red eye.'

Much later, a hoodlum comes in.

'Has Johnny Mashtik been in tonight?'

'Yeh. Some guy was looking for him. They got into a fight.

The man struck Johnny, which inflamed him, so he went

for the man, who pulled a gun on him.

With that he turned ashen and went out.'
The interior of an English pub.
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