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There've been a few mentions of hedgehogs in The Post lately, so I thought I'd send in photos of our cat Ollie with the hedgehogs outside our place. In the background is our neighbours' cat Bella. Bella and Ollie spend much of their time intently ignoring each other, watching each other's every move with a 'I'm pretending you don't exist' expression in the way only cats have purr-fected.

We get a few hedgehogs outside our house. As the number of hedgehog deaths have dramatically increased in the recent hot weather, we leave out water and cat food for them each night. Strangely enough, our cat Ollie seems to think that the cat food is for her. Fortunately we receive plenty of evidence that the hedgehogs do manage to eat some of it (they never tell you on the news that if you try and help hedgehogs by giving them food and drink you end up with a path covered in hedgehog poo...)

Ollie and Bella both seem to class the hedgehogs in the 'to be intently ignored' category, frequently walking right by them while pretending they hadn't seen them. They're not so much following the hedgehogs wherever they go, but just happen to be heading in the same direction at around the same time...

Hedgehog and catHedgehog and catHedgehog and cat
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