The Case of the Elderly Tractor

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The Case of the Elderly Tractor

A Case Tractor from 1949

I wrote a poem once about Nicola Tesla Hoggett's tractor trophy. The other day, NT showed me the genuine article: his award-winning 1949 Case tractor. The Hoggetts have this rare object on the farm – and it's still used for farm work! NT is justifiably proud of this.

'1949?' I said, eyeing the giant machine. 'That tractor is older than I am.'

NT looked dubious at this, but I assured him it was really true.

Later, NT hopped up on this monster and manoeuvred it into the very tight space in the barn. I was triply impressed by this feat as a) the tractor is big, and the parking space small, b) it was getting dark, and c) NT will be 12 years old in a few weeks.

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