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Posted: 14th November 2016

Najo Najo (and Some Noms)

A quill pen lying atop a computer keyboard.PrĂȘte-moi ta plume, Superfrenchie, we've got NaJo to write. Actually, we're using computers, just to be different, but Farmer Hoggett made me this cool pen out of a wild turkey feather he found, and I couldn't resist. 'Tis the season for startled turkeys. Not only is Thanksgiving coming up in the US, but hunting season is going on in Pennsylvania, and the woods are dangerous. Last week, it was bows and arrows, I kid you not. Robin Hood would have loved this place. Me, I'm staying in town. I'm not 100% sure it's safe near Main Street, but the deer do tend to take refuge in the municipal parking lot behind my house.

What do we have to tickle your fancy this week? Well, Willem's got a double treat for us: he's informative about pronghorns, and he asks your help in captioning a kitty pic. That is one pretty cat. She doesn't need to march to Pretoria, 'cause she lives there. Join the captioning madness.

Speaking of madness, there's, er, NaJo. This week we catch you up on who's writing what and where, insofar as our Sherpas could find the journals. People who refuse to follow directions, it's your own fault if you're stranded. Be patient, and wait for the St Bernards to come along with brandy. Then, to add injury to insult, we bring you a glimpse into the sort of snark law-abiding journal keepers have to put up with.

NaJo is not the only writing challenge we have for November. (Who just cheered? Keep it up!) As you will recall, you are supposed to be coming up with 'Proustian moments': examples of food triggering memories. So far, we've had marmalade, stew, and deep-fried Mars Bars. This week, Tavaron adds a sumptuous holiday bread and I explain to Proust why I think he's a food snob.

Awix tells you about the cinema, and I attempt to make you laugh. We also quiz you about bad behaviour of the past. Icy has helpfully provided the solution to last week's themed crossword. If you're still working on it, don't look yet.

So, lots to do still. NaJoers, the month is nearly half over, get your second wind. The rest of you, keep those recipes and pictures coming! And have a great week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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