Where Did the Thyme Go?

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AltCreate November: Where Did the Thyme Go?

November 2016 Create Challenge: Where Did the Thyme Go?

If you're not into journal keeping this November – or even if you are, and are just bursting to do something else, you overachiever, you – we've got a second challenge for you.

It's called, 'Where Did the Thyme Go?'

You remember that page of Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past? Of course you do. Your pretentious French-major friend went on and on about it. Turns out, it's the only page of Proust most French majors have ever read. The Telegraph is intellectual, let's let them explain:

Even those who have not read the novels are aware of the journey of memory on which the narrator goes when he tastes a madeleine dipped in tea; it has become "the Proustian moment".

Simon Heffer, 'How Proust's 'madeleine moment' changed the world forever', The Telegraph, 27 October 2015

A madeleine is a kind of French muffin. At least, it looks like a muffin in the Telegraph photo. If it doesn't look all that memorable to you, just be glad you aren't Marcel Proust.

So what do we want you to do? We want you to describe your own Proustian moment. What food evokes a treasured memory for you? Or a terrible one? Tell us about it.

Share with us:

  • A food-related memory: does a certain dish remind you of a family member, a special occasion?
  • A first/last date, a past love?
  • A personal milestone?
  • A remarkable adventure?
  • Something lost or gained? (Besides weight.)
  • An insightful 'aha' moment in your life?

Include the recipe, if you like or dare. Make it or buy it. Take a photo to include with your submission. Yeah, yeah. Without the backstory, your recipe would make a perfectly good Guide Entry. Feel free to send that part to Peer Review. But we want the true story of why the dish is hooked up to your personal synapses. That's the icing on the madeleine, so to speak.

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