Solution to h2g2 Themed Crossword #1 - Really Together by Icy North

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Solution to h2g2 Themed Crossword #1 - Really Together by Icy North

If you managed to solve this — and I know some did — then congratulations! If you didn’t, then the solution and full explanation is below.

Solution to the puzzle


The corrected letters spell F PREFECT, indicating Ford Prefect, Arthur Dent’s Betelgeusian friend in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Ford’s dialect notably includes the words ‘Hoopy’ (meaning a really together guy) and ‘Frood’ (a really amazingly together guy). These explain the entries for 1a and 9, as well as the puzzle’s title.

Clue Explanations

  • 1. HOOPY

    See Theme section above

  • 5. DRUB

    Definition: Flog (corrected letter = F).

    Wordplay: Dealer’s beginning = D; to chafe = RUB

  • 7. LOFTY

    Definition: Like pine tree (corrected letter = P). Lofty is typically applied to pines, as in the Horace quote: “The lofty pine is oftenest shaken by the winds…”.

    Wordplay: Softly ‘topped’ (beheaded) = OFTLY; ‘waving’ suggests an anagram = LOFTY

  • 8. SUET

    Definition: Pastry sometimes has this (corrected letter = R), a reference to suet pastry.

    Wordplay: ‘isSUE Typing’ brackets (ie encloses) the answer: SUET

  • 9. FROOD

    See Theme section above

  • 1. HALS

    Definition: Dutchman handy with easel (corrected letter = E). Frans Hals (1580-1666) famously painted The Laughing Cavalier, among other things.

    Wordplay: 2001 computer = HAL (Arthur C Clarke novel/movie); society = S (common abbreviation, e.g. RS = Royal Society).

  • 2. ODOUR

    Definition: Whiff (corrected letter = F).

    Wordplay: Nothing = O (looks like a zero); stern = DOUR

  • 3. ORFEO

    Definition: Monteverdi’s poet (corrected letter = E). Monteverdi’s opera Orfeo told the story of the Greek poet, also known as Orpheus.

    Wordplay: fine = F (common abbreviation, e.g. fine pencils denoted by F). This is inside OREO (a brand of cookie).

  • 4. PUTTO

    Definition: Cute child (corrected letter = C). A putto is another word for a cupid.

    Wordplay: To PUT (something) TO someone is a phrase used in court by a lawyer when they address an accusation at the person they are cross-examining.

  • 6 BYRD

    Definition: Old organist (corrected letter = T). William Byrd (1543-1623) was a celebrated organist and composer of the English Renaissance.

    Wordplay: BYRD sounds like (ie is ’spoken’) bird, a slang term for prison.

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