NaJoPoMo 2016: Who's Writing What, Where

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The yearly horror. . . er, exciting undertaking1 is underway again.

NaJoPoMo: Who's Writing What, Where

NaJo logo with quill pen made by the Editor's brother-in-law, Farmer Hoggett

Yes, NaJoPoMo, that unique month of writer/reader/Editor torture, is well underway. So far, we've been entertained, scratched our heads over some puzzles, and enjoyed catching up with h2g2ers from around the globe.

As usual, some NaJo contributors ignored our requests to make this a user-friendly activity. The Editor is tired of being in the middle, and will no longer respond to any complaints, either a) that the request to make A-spaces interferes with the writers' creative flow, harshes their buzz, and also makes their brains hurt, and b) that all of those endless postings are making people's convo lists too full, and they're just going to un-friend everybody again, like they do every November. The Editor, who did not invent this particular form of insanity, has one thing to say to you all:

Whatever. The Editor has a lot of other things to say about the amount of contrariness and condescension that has come this way, but will refrain, because the Editor has also been watching a lot of Keith Olbermann rants lately and cannot be counted on to view the proceedings in anything resembling a rational manner. Don't annoy a hillbilly in an election year.

Now, that said, the following user-friendly writers have blogs you can actually find. Here they are, with links. They get the h2g2 Post Seal of Reader Approval.

  • Dmitri Gheorgheni's 'Hymn a Day' NaJo Blog. I know, the Editor does not count. I have to follow the rules. However, if you're kind enough to take a look now and again, you might enjoy the music, and get a chuckle out of my romp through the history of hymn-singing, from celebrating the moral virtues of the kangaroo to watching Salvation Army ladies dance with tambourines. I aim for uplift, but usually land on snark.
  • SashaQ's 2016 NaJoPoMo. Sasha's doing NaNoWriMo, and will be reporting on progress with that whirlwind bookwriting project.
  • Minorvogonpoet's NaNoWriMo NaJoPoMo As you can guess, MVP is also writing a November novel. It's making her so tired, sometimes she's doing it in bed. It's details like this that keep us coming back for more. We wish both MVP and Sasha the best of h2g2 luck with those novels!
  • Superfrenchie reporting for NaJo duty. Superfrenchie writes terrific short book reviews. She has people all over the site adding to their 'must read' lists. Merci! I may even try reading another French novel – my last was Planète des Singes, I lie not.
  • Amy P's eclectic mix includes her travel plans (which you may want to help her with), how much fudge she's making, local b'ball results, and much, much more. It has a broad range of appeal.
  • Recumbentman's musical-and-other blog has great stories in it: adventures with viols, what life used to be like in rural Ireland, in short, fascinating stuff. Give it a read.
  • That's it. These are the only blogs the Post has on record so far. If you are blogging, and have actually made an A-space or archive, let the Post know.

NaJo Lumpenpack

The following people have informed the Post that they are writing NaJo blogs, but that they don't need no stinkin' links from us, thank you very much. Fine. Here's the list:

These people, though they are on the Editor's naughty list, are all actually writing very interesting journals. If you want to read, and aren't as lazy as the rest of this riffraff, go and find them. I will now get back to writing NaJo and cheering on Keith Olbermann as he cusses at politicians.

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1Opinions vary. The Editor has heard them all.

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