Babe Among The Stars: My Top Ten Yawns of the Cosmos

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My Top Ten Yawns of the Cosmos

Following on from last month's request for suggestions, here's my top ten yawns of the cosmos:

  1. Brown dwarfs (failed stars).

  2. Hanny's Voorwerp.

  3. Pluto is an ex-planet.

  4. Dark matter and dark energy.

  5. Elliptical galaxies.

  6. The Eridanus Supervoid.

  7. Astrology.

  8. Comets. Not all comets, I mean the comets which turn out to be damp squibs like Comet ISON.

  9. Meteor showers which have a very low turnout – or don't show up at all.

  10. Weather.

The above ten have been padded out and sent to Peer Review for hopeful inclusion in the Edited Guide. Comments are welcome.

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