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Posted: 30th June 2014

Sneaking Up on July

Wreck-creation. How are you spending the end of June? If it's hot where you are, you might be enjoying some outdoor activity. If you're down in the winter zone, you might be building a fire and thinking about toasting some marshamallows. Either way, we think we can entertain you this week.

Both cold-weaher and hot-weather h2g2ers can look up at the stars – unless they live in Manchester, in which case, we recommend you go visit Galaxy Babe. She'll tell you all about the upcoming stellar events.

In addition to our usual array of features, from nature to film to human activity of all kinds, we have a h2g2 news roundup. Check in with BMT.

Coming up this week: the onset of July, the patriotic month. July is a patriotic month for Canadians, some people in Ireland who keep confusing us, the French, and, of course, the noisy US, with its fireworks and historical fooferah. This week's Oddity explains why it's a big deal when the good people of Vicksburg, Mississippi, actually have a Fourth of July picnic. You had to be there. Later this month, we will commemorate other odd celebrations. Does your part of the globe do anything unusual to mark July? Pleae let us know about it. Send pictures and potato salad recipes, and we will publish them.

July is also the month when Create want us to travel. No, they're not trying to get rid of us. They just want us to think about far-away places. You know, the ones with the strange-sounding names. Collect your thoughts and photos. Contribute, please. Describe exotic locales, such as Zeta Reticuli or the Isle of Wight.

Many of you – okay, let's face it, all of you – march to a different drummer. Whatever you're doing in July, whether it be to the sound of the 1812 Overture or some oversized (but peaceful) lambeg drums, record your thoughts and impressions, and share with us.

In the meantime, enjoy these articles, and have a good online jaw about them. Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Giant Forest Hog by Willem
  • .

  • Helicopter tree by Willem.



  • We give up, y'all.
  • John Paul Jones fights the British. Nigel doesn't want to be there.

  • Editor at work
  • Babe Among the Stars.

  • A cool car.
  • A

  • A whole lot of bluebells.
  • .


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