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Its been a while since my last report but due to ongoing medical issues among other things, I've not been around so much of late. Of course I'm still doing stuff behind the scenes, out of sight, out of mind you might say.

So, what's been happening then? Well, over the w/e of 7th June there was a meet in Manchester in which attendees came from all parts of the globe. Judging by the reactions, some of which can be found here, The Manchester Meet, a good time was had by all.

We still want folk to get more involved in the mainstay of h2g2, that is, writing. Remember we like all forms of writing, not just for the Edited Guide but we like poetry and prose, short stories for the Post, articles for the Alternative Writing dept. Take a look through this Peer Review link and see if there's a section on writing in which you could make a contribution to. There are links at the top of the page that take you to the other writing workshops and also information on which style/type of writing goes where. You can also send in your contributions directly to the Post Team using the submissions link on this page The Post

An addition to the front page in recent weeks was the launch of the new Lounge tab. This is a feature that appears at the top of the front page and contains links to all the popular areas of h2g2 such as Ask and Misc Chat. Now that all the forums are in one place it should be easier for folk to look and decide which is the right forum for the topic they want to talk about. This should, hopefully, avoid the need for threads to be moved when started in the wrong place.

I recently took on the role of Guru and I have to say its been a real pleasure sorting issues out for new and old researchers alike. Its been great to see some researchers returning who's membership dates back as far as 2001 and how pleased they are at being able to access their original accounts.
If you know of anyone in that situation, who would like access to their original accounts, then get them to send in details to [email protected] and we'll do our best to sort matters for them.

Now for those of you who like to go jogging or running then you might like to read of some of the exploits of folk in the h2g2 running club here, h2g2 Running Club. Whether you're just a casual jogger or marathon runner, you can read about the exploits of some of our researchers that do tend to take this seriously, judging by some of the distances run and the times achieved. Apparently you don't have to be mad to do it but it does help.

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