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Posted: 5thDecember 2002


The Post is Three!!!

Who'd have thought it? Three years is a long time to be slaving over something and not getting paid for it. For Shazz, the much loved and only slightly inebriated (yes we're celebrating at the Post Office) Editor, it has definitely been a labour of love. Working with sometimes almost saint-like zeal, she turns out the most spectacular of on-line newspapers every week. Working hard behind the scene's to beg, borrow and steal (just kidding ... honest!!) articles for you to enjoy and wonder over. Congratulations Shazz, your baby turns three today, and is looking better than ever.

And just where would we be without the technical know how of Pastey, the whiz with coding that earlier this year brought yet another aspect to The Post. Brand spanking new offices, complete with e-mail addresses and comfy chairs in front of the fire (okay, slight exaggeration here).

In April Shazz advertised for an assistant to help her with the growing needs of her wilful child. She wanted someone who could share the burden of work, and be her constant support during times of need. She wanted an all singing all dancing deputy, and she got me. Oh well, at least I'll work for doughnuts, how many others can say that?

So the Post has had an eventful year, highs, lows, laughter, tears and our very own smiley!! Here's too many more birthdays, and here's hoping that you will all join in with us and raise a glass to toast a newspaper that belongs to you, because it's written by you. To all our writers, readers, artists, friends and of course not forgetting the Italics, a big thank you, for your time, effort and creativity that makes this such a great newspaper smiley - bubbly.

To help us celebrate we commissioned a birthday banner from the community artists. Asteroid Lil stepped into the breach and made us the delightful banner that you see gracing our Front Page. Many thanks Lil, you did a grand job.

And finally... for those of you who have been asking for a Wordseach that you can print out, Shazz has a treat in store. Pop along to the newly completed Printer Friendly Wordsearch Archive and you will see all the Wordsearches that have appeared in The Post, in a format that makes it easy to download to a printer. The perfect birthday present or what?

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Greebo T. Cat

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