The Church of the Holy Tail - Marching for Jack

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Parishoners March for Jack.

The March for Jack
Find the Next Desination

Help Jack kick that nasty cancer stuff just as our *cough* Virgin Batty did.

Welcome My flock!

Enter the Church of the Holy Tail, all donations gratefully received
Welcome to the Church, we accept all major credit cards, cash donations are acceptable and please make all cheques out to the Campaign About Something Horrible (just shorten it to it's initials if that's too long for you, yes C.A.S.H.)

The Tail makes it on to the TV, where it belongs
Well, we are gathered here today to pay homage to the Holy Tail (that which the *cough* Virgin *cough* Batty has brought unto us. In order to do this, we must get down and Boogie to the sacred music. This sacred music is that which can fall into the three main categories of Funk, Soul or Disco, or anything you can shake your tail-feather to.
Get on the Good Foot and Do the Bad thing baby!!

Some have said that we are just messing about and having an excuse to boogie a bit, this may be true, but I fervently deny it with every bone in my priestly, cross-dressing squirrelly body. Church events include, mashed potato wrestling, grooving (obviously) relaxing in the Jacuzzi of enlightenment, and anything else that comes to mind.

Have a beverage from one of our helpful vergers in the sacramental bar (see below) The Sacramental Bar is always open for those who wish to drink and get on down, whether they have been converted or not, we're not like "Other" religions that try to force their beliefs on you, don't worry.
Very close to being a bible for this church, but no cigar

At this point I would like us all to remember Tuc Fortuneswell the first convert to the Holy Tail to be gained from this page. He will be sadly missed and is in all our thoughts and prayers. Click here to visit the Tuc Fortuneswell memorial


Batty: Keeper of the Holy Tail
Plastic Squirrel: Tewa, High Priest of the Holy Tail
Angelecon: Galonuda, Guardian of the Holy Tail
Galen: Ganv'utana, Petter of the Holy Tail
Michele: Nvwatetika'i, Healer of the Holy Tail
Wargamer: Danuwalisgi, Custodian of the Holy Tail
Tuc Fortuneswell: Aleye'edoli, Alien of the Holy Tail. He will be sadly missed. The Fortuneswells are among our most holy of members.
Leeneh: Adayv'ulisgi, Skipkicker to the Holy Tail
Paul H: Ugvtsasuyoi, Punmaster of the Holy Tail (or possibly Robin who assists by saying "Holy Tail Batty!")
Cal Fortuneswell: Greeh Maker to the Holy Tail, interim High Priest while the rodent takes a break and respected family of Tuc
Djeserka: Adotsvya, Shining, Gleaming, Small Totemic Idol of the Holy Tail
The Average Joe: Nulogowe, Joe of the Holy Tail
Floh: Nothing just yet, but just you wait, she'll have a terribly good title anyday now.... also another proud member of the Fortuneswells

Where it all began

If you really need to see the old temporary home, then click this. If you feel the need to join us (as you should) then add a conversation, or put yourself in an old one, and I'll get you in sometime!

In faith, the Tail bless you, Get on the Good Foot and do the Bad Thing, my son.

Tewa, the High priest (still wearing a floopy dress) who wrote all of this, despite what it says at the top there...mutter, mutter, grumble,grumble...

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