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As a development of the Alternative Writing Workshop, the Alternative Guide to the Galaxy / Galactic Anomalies Group / Committee for Alien Content, 'AGG/GAG/CAC', explores the lost and dusty corners of the Unedited Guide looking for articles and entries which we find amusing or entertaining or informative, but which you might not otherwise discover because they fail to meet the rigid standards of the Guidelines for Edited Guide Entries.
If you know of any we should feature here, please contact us .

By the way, 'AGG/GAG/CAC' is pronounced just like Popeye's laugh.

Because we got such good response to the longer short story last week, we're featuring another piece of 'fiction' for those who enjoy a good read. And a couple of quick oddities for the 'click and grin' crowd.

'Myth of the Mountain Tree' by =X Subcom.Deidzoeb

What makes a good story? Sometimes it's better not to think about it and just enjoy the story. AGG/GAG's own =X Subcom.Deidzeob offers up an engrossing tale of Olympic scale. It's bigger than both of us. Make sure you've got a couple of minutes to spare for this tale of Mythic proportions; the ending is just the beginning.
Recommended by ~jwf~

Robicomb: the coolest thing about having lice by Mikey the Humming Mouse

This strange entry will either amaze, confuse or bring you relief, depending on your relationship to lice or any immediate need to rid yourself of them. Written a very long time ago, the external link to the product page has thus far escaped Moderation, possibly a humanitarian concession to those in need.
Stumbled upon by an anonymous contributor.

Marvin: His hit single! by IceSage

Now here's a sample of the kind of thing we should all be concerned with. The beginnings of a very good Entry ..left abandoned and unfinished, for whatever reason. Part of our mission at AGG/GAG is to inspire others to find and fix-up these treasures for posterity. Take a look. The link to Marvin's picture was still working too. That's the marvin.jpg one not the Wav.Marvin sound file which no doubt the goonsquad considered copyright material. So if you want a nice pic of Marvin grab it quick. Now you can't say we never give you anything.
Also stumbled upon, randomly.

We'll continue scouting the Guide for the good stuff and bring you more AGG/GAG approved entries in each issue of the h2g2POST.

Your submissions and recommendations are essential to our survival. If you know of an article that deserves more publicity but doesn't meet the Edited Guide Rules and Regs, please let us know. We don't endorse breaking the laws of plagiarism, defamation or obscenity, so really, the only criteria are Wit and Wisdom. Feel free to submit your own. Just post a link on our homepage: AGG/GAG
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