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Im still adjusting the format of this entry because of the site move... please exuse the mess.

Anyone who knows about the Hitchhickers Guide, should know about Marvin, The paranoid robot. Marvin has his own song, its his hit single, and its really entertaining. The words are listed below. There used to be a link where you could download the file, and an image of Marvin, however, they're gone now and are broken links.

I'm just a robot and I know my place
A metal servant to the human race
I work my can off trying to satisfy
I know they'll disconnect me by and by

Chip on my shoulder made of silicon
My printed circuit's like a lexicon
Ten billion logic functions, maybe more
They make me pick the paper off the floor

Solitary solinoid
Terminally paranoid

Know what makes me really mad
They clean me with a Brillo Pad
A carwash wouldn't be so bad
Life! Don't talk to me about life

I'm so depressed I could expectorate
My moving parts are in a solid state
I want to rust in peace, switch off and lie
In that great junk yard in the sky

Solitary solinoid
Terminally paranoid

Nothing left to be enjoyed
Every diode rheumatoid

Outer alloy
Inner void

Happiness has been destroyed

Written by Adams/Moore/Sinclair
Produced by John Sinclair for Sarm Productions
Released by Polydor (UK) Ltd in 1981, POSP 261

--This guide entry has been updated due to the fact of a wonderful review the Agg/GAG gave. I was honored to be at least noticed! --

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