RobiComb: the coolest thing about having lice

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The RobiComb may be one of the neatest inventions known to man. Simply put, it's a comb that detects and electrocutes lice. How cool is that?

What is a RobiComb?

A RobiComb is a small1, hand-held device, that more or less looks like a comb attached to a battery pack. Which is basically what it is, running on a single AA battery. When turned on, it makes a low humming noise. As you're combing the RobiComb through hair, the humming will suddenly stop if a louse is detected. When the humming stops, an electrical current passes through the comb, and the louse is electrocuted. The current does not damage hair, and provides only a small buzz if you should happen to be silly enough to hold the teeth of the comb between wet fingers. When you finished combing through the hair, you use a fine-toothed comb to rid your hair of any dead lice. This process is charmingly referred to as "nit-removal".

But does it really work?

Yes. Medical studies have shown the RobiComb to be about as effective as permethrin, the most commonly used pediculocide2.

Why should I use a RobiComb?

There are a variety of reasons to use a RobiComb:

  • The RobiComb detects lice, so it can also be used for screening as well as treatment3.
  • The RobiComb is a non-chemical alternative, for those of you squeamish about dumping pesticides on your child's head. As a result, it doesn't have the same potential for harmful side effects.
  • Unlike pediculocides, the RobiComb can be safely used to prevent lice infestations by using on a weekly basis to kill lice before they have a chance to propagate.
  • While lice can become resistant to most pediculocides, they can never resist the RobiComb!
  • The RobiComb can be used over and over again, on any number of lice-infested children.

What's so cool about the RobiComb?

The RobiComb is a comb that electrocutes lice - life simply doesn't get any cooler than this4.

1Small meaning about 6 cm square and 2 cm thick.2A pediculocide is a chemical used to kill lice, part of the larger class of pesticides.3This makes it a fun toy to take to the office, where you can find out which of your coworkers have lice.4The RobiComb is also manufactured by the same people who make EpiLady Shavers, and some people claim that this connection adds to the general coolness of the RobiComb.

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