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  • 05.04.10

    An evocative poem from Slartibartfast, and another ASCII quiz from Icy North, on sports this time. Dmitri offers up a blood-curdling tale, and a sheepish puzzle, while Beatrice introduces the Mostly Harmless Motorcycle Club.

  • 12.04.10

    Top marks to those acrostic poets who submit a selection every week, and there's a different sort of poem on male pattern baldness. Smudger is frustrated by people paying by card, and February's Entry Of The Month is announced.

  • 19.04.10

    Websailor alerts us to the dangers faced by swans, and dsg faces some annoyances at the supermarket checkout. Abroad there's an ant invasion to be dealt with in Benshasha, while Emma has a host of activities to choose from on board her cruise ship.

  • 26.04.10

    Bluebottle barbecues, Emma writes, dmitri re-enacts, and h5ringer watches some talented young brass players. Mancunian Blues reminisces about Jilly's nightclub. And will Beatrice make it home from London after being grounded by a volcano?

  • 03.05.10

    In a packed edition celebrating h2g2's 11th birthday, Zelmo Zale is interviewed about being an italic. Gnomon gives his version of events at the Mannheim Meet, and Malabarista begins a new series on life as a ghost-sitter. Smudger returns to work on the Royal Yacht, h5ringer reviews the string players, and Bluebottle wonders what personal statements actually say about their authors. The March photographers newsletter has some great pictures, and dmitri can't get rid of an earworm!

  • 10.05.10
    Vip goes undercover to find out what it's like to be pampered at a spa, while Malabarista discovers how fast gossip spreads. March's Entry of the Month is announced, and Dmitri muses on the inner software that makes humans human.

  • 17.05.10
    Researchers dodge volcanic ash to meet in London - Bel brings us her report on the meet. Aurora earns her Post Reporter's Badge, and Vittorio Arnold makes his Post debut with some delicious Italian recipes. Emma guides us through Halong Bay in Vietnam in the latest edition of Life on the Ocean Wave, and baseball season opens all around the inhabited universe.

  • 24.05.10
    Bluebottle celebrates the magical world of real bookshops oozing with character. Prof Animal Chaos dreams for the future of humanity in his latest poem. The report from the Hull meet hits the front page, while Bel muses on Twitter and what it's all about. We voyage on through the Gheorgheniplex, and find out the truth about Spam.

  • 31.05.10
    h5ringer brings us a drum-roll for the percussion finalists in BBC Young Musician of the Year. Prof Animal Chaos is clapped in chains and thrown in the dungeon for charidee, and nkenealy brings us a new short story. Beatrice rates the experience of Gaucho City steak house in London, and Galaxy Babe keeps us up to date with the to-ings and fro-ings of celestial bodies.

  • 07.06.10
    Voyeurism or education? Websailor covers the ethics of filming wildlife in her Wacky Wildlife World. The photographic theme for the week continues, as Toybox interviews up-and-coming photographer Marta Bevacqua and the H2G2 Photographers announce a stunning Photo Of The Month, and Rod takes us to New Zealand to enjoy the pleasures of woodcraft.

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