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Often, I have some ideas what I want to mention in my editorial. On Saturday, I knew exactly what I would write. It was all in my head. But like Fenchurch, all I could remember the next day was that it had been there. What it was, I couldn't remember. However much I tried to remember, I drew a blank. In my defence, there was a huge yellow something hanging in the sky all weekend. Now it may not have been a Vogon constructor ship, but it can be as destructive. The fact that my computer crashed on me three times on Saturday, giving me the BSOD each time, and that I drowned my frustration in about half a bottle of sparkling wine while spending the evening watching TV probably didn't help my memory, but there you go.

The one thing I could remember, was that I welcomed a special newbie the other day. With the recent increase of thousands of new users of other DNA message boards, all of them being listed on the Aces' newbie list, I was about to hand in my Ace badge. However, when I came across this newbie, I felt that it is worth the while after all. I'm sure you'll wonder who it is. It is Wowbagger. If you don't know him, don't worry, neither do I. However, I'm a great fan of his cartoons, and when I found out that it was indeed the old Wowbagger with a new account, I was excited. I hope he'll stay around for a bit, and who knows, maybe I'll even get to know him a bit. If you've known Wowbagger back then, why don't you pop over to his space and say hello?
































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