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Posted: 12th April 2010



Compensatory Justice?

During the last week, I did quite a bit of socialising: at Easter, my brother in law and his partner were here to visit. On Thursday, I went to the cinema and for a drink and a bite afterwards with two friends. On Saturday, I went for a meal with my husband and his mum, for her birthday. All in all, a good, if busy, week. Then on Sunday, when I had just started to prepare the Post Front Page, my PC suddenly crashed. No blue screen or anything, no warning. It wouldn't start again, either. Now this was the 'new' PC, which my husband had got in exchange for the other PC which had crashed and refused to boot again only a few weeks ago. I have no idea what it is. Some omnipotent being seems to have decided that life was currently too easy and that I should stay grounded – or something. Fortunately, the PC my son had given me was still here as he hadn't yet had a chance to take it back to his work place and exchange it. So now I am at the very noisy PC with a download rate of about 5 to 10 kb/s, but it is sufficient for hootoo, so that's all that currently counts. I was even lucky, because I hadn't yet proceeded very far with my work, so I didn't lose the work of several hours, but only of about half an hour1.

I now save everything I work on every few minutes. Shame that h2g2 doesn't have an 'auto-save', like my email provider. Or maybe my email provider could offer an add-on for checking things in guide ml? Either would be great, but I do expect neither.

Sorry for waffling about my PC affairs. On to other matters. Time is flying, and so it's only a bit more than two weeks until h2g2's 11th birthday on 28 April. Now we have a superstition in Germany that it means bad luck if you congratulate before the actual birthday. Although I am not superstitious, I've decided to give you and us a week more in case you'd like to come up with something special for the occasion. That means, we'll have our birthday-related issue on 3rd May, instead of 26th April. It would be nice if you'd all come up with a little something for the occasion – I hope we can compile a cracking birthday issue. If you'd like to submit something that needs blobbing (a drawing or photo), it shouldn't be with us any later than Tuesday, 27 April to give King Bomba a chance to prepare them and send them on to the eds for blobbing.

And now, please enjoy the current issue of the Post!




























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1To add insult to injury, I had to find that the Acrostic Poetry Challenge Article is hidden for some reason I don't understand2, and I haven't got any reply to my email to the moderators.2I guess it was this mysterious bug because it is back now.

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