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Posted: 19th April 2010



Earth Day

There was quite a bit of mention of Earth Day last week. I looked it up, I hadn't been aware of it before. It seems to be quite a big day in the USA, and not a new one, either. Apparently, it takes place on 22nd April each year. I even found some events which are going to take place in several German cities, one in my home town. However, it is scheduled from 10am to 2pm. I wonder who – except for students – can go there on a workday?

Eyjafjallajökull blowing up and disrupting nearly all air traffic in Europe seems to be a timely reminder of the aims of Earth Day. Do we really need all those planes? Well, I don't use a plane very often, but I certainly hope I will be able to fly with one when I want to go to London in about four weeks. And I very much hope that my friends will be able to fly here this weekend, for the German meet.

I'm optimistic, though. On Saturday, Lufthansa had ten planes fly from Munich to Frankfurt to have them at the ready once the aircraft grounding is lifted. I read that the bosses at Lufthansa are quite annoyed about the ban. They doubt it is necessary, and they complain about the fact that the decision is based on just one source. They thoroughly checked the planes which had come from Munich on Saturday, and they say no plane had as much a a scratch. They are very keen to take up business again, and I've seen various planes fly into Frankfurt yesterday evening – ash or no ash.

Which reminds me of a joke I read (posted by Phil who had found it on Twitter):

UK to Iceland: We said "Send cash!"

And with that I'll leave you - well, not quite. Just a reminder: if you have anything that needs blobbing for h2g2's birthday issue on 3rd May, it should be with us no later than Tuesday, 27th April.



























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