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Posted: 31st May 2010



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Dear BBC Community member,

Thank you for contributing to a BBC community site. Unfortunately we've had to remove your
Content below because it contravenes the House Rules.

Your message is off-topic for this particular message board or online community. You may be able to repost your message on one of the other BBC message boards, in a more relevant topic area.

That is the reason the moderators sent the other week after removing a factual article. The very same reason was given after a fiction story in the AWW had been removed last week. Now, on a site whose whole purpose is writing, be it factual or fictive stories, this is really ridiculous. This time, it hit one fiction story, and the General Features archive. No emails as yet, but I'm waiting with bated breath.

I can't help but wondering just what is going on? I mean, the General Features Archive from 2002?? Is it a hidden agenda? Has somebody decided to implement this rule (which we had to agree to at the recent transfer to the BBCiD) and picks Post and AWW articles willy-nilly? I'm still waiting for a reply to my objection to Mol's moderated article from two weeks ago. Yes, we can read it, thanks to our eds. However, its 'official' status hasn't changed, meaning nobody can leave a comment there. If this goes on, life will get very interesting. Just imagine they start with the conversation threads next...

The result of Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest was interesting, too. Germany had high hopes this time. Even I was sure Germany would not come joint last with the UK and Poland again, like two years ago, but be among the top five, like the UK was last year. It came even better. The reactions within the community were interesting, to say the least. They made me browse the international press (UK, USA and France), but none of them were negative about it, which was nice. I read that some of the Eastern block countries had a more pragmatic view, saying Germany only won because they're the only country that can afford to pay for next year's show. Well, we can't. We're paying for Greece. smiley - tongueincheek

But I don't want to bore you any longer with such mundane things, so back to Post matters. In case you wonder why you don't find your article in this issue: it's because I decided to keep them over until a later issue. So don't worry, it will be published at some point. I know you're all used to seeing your article promptly, but for editorial reasons, I reserve the right to decide what goes in and what will wait. That is no reflection on the quality of your articles, so please keep sending them in.

































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