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Posted: 10th May 2010



Mother's Day

I know the UK have theirs in March, but in large parts of the world it was yesterday. It's not a big affair in my home, it never was. To my surprise, my youngest son wished me all the best (I guess he heard about it on TV); then told me he didn't have any present for me but his love. Aww, wouldn't you melt if your child said that to you? I did. I told him it was all I needed. Now I know that he knows exactly what to say to make me go all mellow, but at the same time, I know that he does indeed love me, so I'm just happy when he tells me - and even in the presence of his mate. Myself, I called my mum and talked to her for a good hour. She was happy about that, too. Then we went over to my mother-in-law's and spent quite some time with her. So that's three mothers happy in just one day, what more can you ask for?

Unfortunately, it's not peace and happiness everywhere. Look at the UK elections. Understandably, nobody is happy with a hung parliament, and I guess the next few weeks are going to be interesting. I didn't follow the run-up to the elections, but read the various threads afterwards. I was shocked to read that people were refused their right to vote although they had been there in time, that those who had taken their polling cards could jump the queues, and that some polling stations had run out of ballot papers altogether. Apparently, many of those caught out were first-time voters. It makes me wonder if they will ever bother to go voting again? I think that's scandalous and not democratic at all, and I'm not blaming the people who ran the polling stations. I'm sure they did all they could under the circumstances. In fact, next week we'll have a fascinating account of a Researcher who was the presiding officer of a polling station. But I wonder: Will anybody appeal the outcome of the election? And if so, what will be their chances to win? I rely on the community to keep me posted1.

Next weekend will see a lot of hootooers travelling – some to London, others to Hull. Most of the Post Team will travel to London, so we'll for once close submissions early (so we can prepare as much as possible before leaving). Anything submitted to us later than noon on Thursday, 13 May will be kept over until the Whit Monday issue (24th May). And now, please enjoy this issue of the Post.







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1I've just read that people will be protesting on Saturday, 15 May, around parliament square to make their votes in general election count.

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