The Guild Of Naked Astronauts.(UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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To Barely Go where No-one of a sane disposition has gone before!!The guild of naked astronauts has been in existence for some years now and has finally reached the guide!!!! My god I'm excited.
Many people said we were mad but look how far we have come. We are dedicated to bringing greater levels of Nakidity to astronautism everwhere but we are an organisation on our own. Hah! who needs NASA anyway the beclothed scum!!!
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The Guild of Naked Astronauts Needs You! (naked)

Yes we do. Well what are you waiting for!!! Sign up for the Guild of Naked Astronauts training Program today. Applications here, only the most dedicated, serious, talented and (of course) naked space travel fans need apply. We are soon to embark on a 5 year mission to seek out new vaguely interesting things and planets of new and interesting shapes, so sign up now and live the life of excitement and adventure that is the life of a naked astronaut.



Big Bad Bolshevik Bob

Captain's Love-Slave


Commander and Captain's Manicure Technician


Lt. Commander

Position Vacant


Position Vacant

Jr. Lieutenant

Position Vacant

Training Officer


The naked person whom mops the floor
after everyone has gone to bed and has raging party in space so that no one can hear him (might get freindly with the nice lookin woman officers onboard, so be warned all you love slaves)..


Covert Operations And Clandestine Surveillance Cell Leader

Covert BoB

Tea Boy


Extremly Tastey And Nutritious (Possibly Toxic) Alien Herbal Tea Tester


Chief Engineer(Aspiring to love slave status)


Chief engineer's love slave

Position (permanently) vacant

Guy in red whose only purpose is to die horribly as soon as we beam down


Engine room mop girl


Engine Room Mop Girls Love Slave


The fully clothed one(really wanted to be love slave)


Verbal Abuse Officer


Other Positions available(apply below)

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