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The biological differences between men and women are too great to go into here. And let's not even begin to talk about the social and psychological differences. Suffice to say, men and women are different. Fundamentally different. Not so different that they can't share a taxi or even occasionally a toothbrush, but different nonetheless.

One of the ways this difference manifests itself is in their respective attitudes towards sex. Very early on in the history of the human race it was discovered that men and women tended to enjoy seeing each other without any clothes on. Shortly thereafter, no doubt, women discovered that as pleasant as they found seeing men without clothes on, men were generally just a whole lot more keen on the 'seeing the opposite sex without any clothes on' thing. This naturally led to men trying to convince women to take their clothes off in exchange for some goods or service, or women trying to convince men to give them some goods or service in exchange for their taking their clothes off, depending on your point of view.

This all became a lot more structured and orderly once money was invented. The modern strip club serves as a place men can go and, without risk of public embarrassment or ostracism, ask women to take their clothes off for money.

It should be noted that there are also strip clubs where women can go and ask men to take off their clothing for money, although the atmosphere is often a good deal more friendly and lighthearted than the strip clubs catering to men. Men take naked women a good deal more seriously than women take seeing naked men. Times being what they are, there are also clubs where men can go to ask other men to take their clothes off for money, and (one suspects) also clubs where women can go to ask other women to take their clothes off for money, making it advisable to verify just what sort of a club one is about to enter before paying the entrance fee.

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