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I will (confess to/boast about) not being vastly experienced in this field,
but in my (limited) experience a lot of Soho (London) strip clubs are
places where (predominantly) young men go to get ripped off. They
pay a fiver on the door, thinking "that's cheap", then they pay 3 quid
at the bottom off the stairs for a compulsory cloakroom fee, then
another 10 quid cover charge ("but you do get two free drinks for
that, love"). Then you sit down and wait drinking your two halves of
non-alcoholic lager ("sorry love, no license you see") for 2 hours
before being told the live bed show isn't going to happen but "it's okay
because you see the show next door for free, and it's basically the
same." Only it isn't the same and you get thirty seconds looking
through a letter box at some hag showing off her knickers and then
you get kicked out.

Ahem. At least, that's what I've heard.

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Researcher 49667

Come to Florida. You'll get your money's worth here. Of course, we don't know a quid from a squid, so you'll have to go through as userious moneychanger first.

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Hell...if you go to Florida you can see it all and then some for free just by hitting the beach, i know i lived there for years
monsy smiley - fish

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

My one and only experience with strip clubs was in the 1980's where I found myself watching the audience more than the women stripping:

The men were mostly middle-aged and semi-dribbling...or paying rapt attention, anyway.

The women stripping, on the other hand, looked as though they wished they were somewhere else and went through the motions only because they had to.

Maybe I was in the wrong club to see something stimulating, where the women were having fun and the men were getting turned on. I came out of the place shaking my head at the audience and feeling huge compassion for the women.


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you got the right picture of what goes on in strip clubs everywhere....nine times out of ten stripping is not something women decide to do because they want to but they decide to do it because they need the money, most of them are single parents trying to support their kids the best they can or they are there earning money to put themselves through college (i have known a few women who stripped). it is not a glamorous job nor is it one that the women are proud of, it is something they do because they need money...now there are those few who do it because they want to but that is the exception and not the rule.
the men on the other hand are there to look at something that they either cannot see at home for whatever reason or just to be able to say "i went to a strip club"...
monsy smiley - fish

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