A Conversation for The Great Marmite Poll

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Post 141


Spread thickly on toast,minimum four slices for breakfast.
Three rounds mature cheddar cheese and marmite for lunch.
Welsh rarebit with added Marmite for tea.
Another four rounds of toast and Marmite for supper.
My mouth's watering just typing this out!!!!!!

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Post 142

Researcher 174318-Zhora- all the nice girls like a sailor

Wakes up, looks around. smiley - yikes

Marmite ..................... yeeeeeeuuuuugggghhhhhh!!!!!!! smiley - yuk

Sorry can't be rational. Just can't stand it.

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Post 143


Hi, just to let you guys know I've been real busy recently and haven't had a chance to update the entry recently - it'll probably have to wait until next week sometime (smiley - yikes the backlog) but keep voting.

Actually I find it quite interesting that Marmite is winning here - most people I know IRL hate it.

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Post 144


I love marmite. I eat it virtually every single day.

There have been moments of my life in which my week's food shopping has been:

wholemeal bread
sunflower spread

Yes. Good.

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Post 145


without doubt the greatest foodstuff ever invented

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Post 146

LyleOwenHyde - Keeper of Unorthodox Teas and Mildewed Filing

And its no nay never, no nay never no more, will I eat that vile Marmite, no never no more.smiley - ill


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Post 147

Dark Side of the Goon


I love it. I can't help myself! It's wonderful stuff!

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Post 148

Tube - the being being back for the time being

I said it before and I say it again:



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Post 149

Lenny (Lynette)


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Post 150

Mister Matty

I like marmite. And you can put that in your sandwich and eat it! smiley - winkeye

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Post 151

Argon0 (50 and feeling it - back for a bit)

Marmite has made many an appearance in songs - specifically National Anthems - only 2 examples of which follow

God save our gracious Marmite, Long live our noble Marmite, Marmite on Toast..........

Marmite, Marmite, Uber Alles.....

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Post 152

Gedge :-)

I thought there was also

"Advance Marmite Fair"

smiley - winkeye

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Post 153


La Marmitiaise?

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Post 154


::waits patiently for the results to be updated::

GD (Marmitesmiley - ok)

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Post 155


::still waiting patiently::

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Post 156

lazy rider

I don't know how it was invented or who invented it but Marmite must surely be the greatest of Man's achievements.

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Post 157

Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

...we demand an update !

alec.smiley - clown

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Post 158

vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

Im a Marmite Lover

Preferably on top of toast whilst underneath hummus. Mmmmmmmmm

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Post 159

Researcher 178815

Hmmmmmmmmm, Marmite.... disgusting disgusting disgusting! Why do you think they advertise it as people spitting it back out again???!

which reminds me I must try it someday smiley - biggrin

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Post 160

Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

...i think we should take that as a ...YES.

alec.smiley - clown

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