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Cheerful Dragon

I certainly don't *hate* Marmite, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I *love* it. A light scrape of it on toast, now and then, is fine. What I don't like is Marmite that's been applied with a trowel. It's too salty and strongly flavoured for that to work, IMHO.

Betwixt and between

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Hi, Cheerful Dragon.

Afraid I'm one of those types who not only piles it on with a trowel,but sometimes by the mug full!! Slightly overstating things at bit,but I do like it spread liberally on my toast.Only trouble is,the taste keeps repeating on me for the next couple of hours!! Serves you right,did I hear you comment?

Betwixt and between

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This little corner of the Hundred Acre Wood has only just appeared on my map.
It's lovely and peaceful here.
I have been intending to check on the salt content of Marmite to compare with recommended daily thingy, but as I only eat tomatoes if they have a sufficient layer of salt on them to remain white, it is of purely academic (dis)interest.

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