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Mad the lot of you

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Are you all totally insane! Marmite seems not to be about food, it's more about a religion, a following, a down right worship! Whether you love it or hate (me, I'm not fussed one way or the other - just increadibly bored) you all seem to worship the path that you follow - please don't start blowing things up and fighting over it!!!!!!!!!!

Mad the lot of you

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'Are you all totally insane'

Yep smiley - smiley

Mad the lot of you

Post 3

Demon Drawer

Is that the start of a new vote cause I vote yes they must be. smiley - smiley

Mad the lot of you

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Mad the lot of you

Post 5


Yes, you won't get 72 jars of Bovril or never ending supplies of Marmite on toast, for breakfast! Don't believe the indoctrination on the label!

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