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OffShoot: Season 2

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Good night Nite Owl have fun with Kyra!

OffShoot: Season 2

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: But I had thought Kyra said she was too busy & tied up to play in this RPG. Nvm. Be that as it may, and either way that that may stand, shall the storyline continue...
The Freighter drifts further into space towards the place that what-ever it is they were looking for is & they are going.

*A vibrant bit of cosmic looking splatches of electromagneti-funk type stuff can be seen as a bit of landscape reference for awhile, until this is eventually passed too.*

OffShoot: Season 2

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: All that-that means is that people who want to play this game can, and people who do not want to,- do not have to either. & if anyone changes their mind either way through the course of things, well... the continuity can stuff it, for all I care. I'll force it to work/make it work. A story is a story, and *Shrugs* ... *Trails off going blah, blah, blah.

OffShoot: Season 2

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Narrator: "And now, why not take a bit of a commercial break to hear from our sponsers..."

OffShoot: Season 2

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

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Hi, there, space travellers!smiley - biggrin

Check Out This Season's New Lineup...Right After 'Offshoot'...


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OffShoot: Season 2

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: Thanks.
[Razor Ecg]: *Bored and a bit disettled to be alone in his own ship for the first time in... well, how long was it, anyway? He cannot seem to come up with any ready figure that comes to mind*

"I know what I should do. I could check out the ship system's stats, from an inside view."

*Puts on a VR helmet and plugs the small cable at one of its ends into a jackport*

The wall panel continues to oddly hum a bit quietly to itself.

[cue a scene change]...
Here there is a gridded ground that seems to lie flat.
Black squares lined in green form the ground.

*Razor Ecg materializes out of little squares that re-assemble themselves to make an image of himself.*

"Hello in there. It's me. Your owner. How is everything?"

[No answer].

"That doesn't sound very good; I'm going to run a systems check now, ok?"

[Still no answer].

OffShoot: Season 2

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Structures start to rise up from the otherwise flat and not so interesting landscape.

[Razor]: *Wanders through the corridor that is continuing to form itself, looking around corners a little warily*

*his voice echoes.*

"Oh great. Forgot to set a systems check. Whatever that organoid virus Void picked up was, maybe it has infected the machinery here."

[Unknown voice]: "Well,- that's only partially correct..."

[Razor]: "Who said that?! Show yourself."

*A weapom materializes itself in his hand as he calls up the options/inventory feature.*

[???]: No,-
I will reveal myself to you, in time. First we shall put you through a little game.
<-[A brightly colored LED looking text flickers above in the background, just at about eye-level where the horizon line might be.]

A little,- sort of a game.

*The screen pulses to a closeup of Razor's face.*

There is something about the way in which this text and the voice convey themselves that is making him a little nervous.

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 68


Whatever it was is gone. The lettering is no longer there either.

[Razor]: Thinking: Everything here seems so broad and empty. It used to be full of healthy activity going on.




That can't be good.

[From the landscape two viroids have popped up].

Razor: <<>>

OffShoot: Season 2

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[Narrator]: "When a computer virus takes over a shipboard computer... or resides in its systems,- it's not that uncommon for it to create smaller program packages to further assist it in what it is trying to do."

*Each viroid looks to be bipedal. They are completely black with a few pointy spikes on top of the head, each looking not quite part of the landscape and not quite energy.*

[Viroid1]: "..."
*It's eyes glow red*

[Viroid2]: *same thing*

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 70


*Razor Ecg nitices that they have long spiked extremeties & pointy ended feet*

"You don't intimidate me."

*The Two viroids make themselves become taller and stronger.*

Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

*Dodges simulated-laser fire.*

*turns on his beam-cutlass*

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 71


[Razor]: *Starts to move into a fighting stance*

[when all of a sudden, we cut off there and have a different little bit of screen going up]:

[Narrator]: "OffShoot will be back in a moment, after this quick commercial break."

OffShoot: Season 2

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Otus Nycteus

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No refunds.

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 73


Narrator: "Where we last left off, Razor Ecg had been just confronted by an insidious computer virus in his shi'sboard computer. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Anole space Dragon seem to be off up to a bit of their own thing. Void is in the sick bay. It looks like Razor is going to have to deal with this one, by himself."

[Razor Ecg]:
"Ok... if that's how you want to play it."

*Dodges a blasterbolt emanated from a hand to one of the viroids*

"smiley - erm, the way you want to have things, then-"

*In an elaborate display of swordsmanship Razor leaps up over behind the back of the viroid attacking him closest in front, and lands between it and the other one that is further behind.*

*The first viroid pauses to assess what has just gone on.*

*The second one readies its weapon, aiming*

[Razor]: I've got to time this-just_right...
*facing at a side angle to the two similated opponents, he draws a fast swipe across with the energy-blade slicing each viroid in two.*

*defeated, each breaks back down into pixels and then fades away.*

"That wasn't too hard. I've got to get..."

*Checks the information status* smiley - eureka

"to the central communications board... over at _ the core!"
smiley - yikes.

*Razor runs down the corridor; he cannot stop. There are many more viroids chasing after him.*

OffShoot: Season 2

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I'm back!!</>
[Anole]: Zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz

OffShoot: Season 2

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: Howdy Anole. In the meantime I got into a classic spoof off of digital cyberpunk parody like there was in Reboot. *nod* smiley - laugh *shrug*

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 76


Seen some of it. Does Razor need help? Can I spawn a second character?</>

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 77


If'n ye wanna... then you can plug a helmet onto yours too or come up with a separate cyber entity. This's sort of a cross-linking between Reboot & Real Adventures of Johny Quest style "Quest World". smiley - tongueout *laughing*

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 78


I'll just pop up don't worry.</>

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 79


: Lol, who says I'm worried?
[Razor]: "Oh great. Sure, there lies the core, dead-ahead... but it ha a guardian program; much stronger than the viroids."

*Dashes through a corridor as the artificial landscape changes*

"I hope they haven't mucked about with it..."

*A cyber beast begins roaring at him*

"... too-much."

OffShoot: Season 2

Post 80


*from a hole in the ceiling ahead of Razor a light brown blurr flies out of it and toward Razor*

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