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Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

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*It's been a busy and productive, if quiet, period aboard the Mariposa. Kyra has been keeping her nose clean, for the most part. Her respect for Eli as well as her slowly developing respect for herself has curbed her impulsive nature, bitter temper and nihilistic outlook of life*

*But she's not perfect*

Come on seven!

*The 12 sided dice declined to cooperate, and Kyra lost another day's pay*


*She sighed, a sound that was almost a hiss*

Alright, that's my limit.

*Leaving the kneeling group of disappointed ruffians with a little credit left in her account, Kyra headed towards one of the space-station's bars. She ordered the cheapest alcohol on the menu, and tried to ignore the currently popular galacto-vision showing on the far wall*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9202

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

Tavaron enters the bar. She's in a good mood. When she spots Kyra she walks to her and stops at the chair next to her*

Hi! Anything to celebrate?

*she grins and sits down*

New Year on Old Earth today!

*she orders a rather expensive drink*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9203


*Kyra grins back, in a good mood despite her recent losses*

Hiya Tav.

*She doesn't even recognise the impropriety of the remark. Long familiarity has erased even the appearance of hierachy between her and the Countess*

It's a new year? What was wrong with the old one?

*Living on various planets and starships for her entire life, Kyra's concept of time is not entirely complete. Reading as many classical tomes as she can get her hands on isn't a substitute for living in a regulated environment*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9204

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

*Tavaron shrugs*

The old one got boring I guess.

*she gets a drink and takes a sip*

Well, in fact, time is different on planets, you know? Not just night and day but also seasons and stuff. Everything comes in cycles. And people count them to keep track of everything.

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9205


*Kyra finishes her drink and playfully steals some of Tavaron's*

It seems needlessly complicated. By some star systems I'm still a child, by others I'm old enough to retire.

*She shrugs*

Seems silly to me. Time moves the same no matter where you are. Why does it matter how fast your planet moves around its star?

*Kyra smiles slightly, knowing that she is deliberately baiting Tavaron, and enjoying the tête-à-tête*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9206

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

*Tavaron thinks*

People need an easy way to keep track I think. One that makes sense to them.

*she takes another sip of her drink*

And does time really move the same no matter where you are? Do you think so?

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9207


*Kyra shrugs again*

It moves the same for me.

*She steals the rest of Tavaron's drink, figuring she can afford to buy another*

Does it move differently for you?

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9208

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

*Tavaron orders two more drinks, one for herself and one for Kyra*

Time appears to move faster as you grow older. Seems like yesterday when I was only 40 for instance. On the other hand I guess the past also gets a bit blurred.

*the drinks arrive*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9209


*Kyra tries to observe social niceties for at least ten seconds, then gives into her base nature, and laughs good-naturedly at Tavaron*

I forgot, you're old.

*She grins, then struggles to keep a straight face*

Sorry, milady.

*Kyra sucks up most of her drink*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9210

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

*Tavaron laughs*

Some would say I'm still half a child.

*she watches Kyra drink*

But you know, there are places where time really moves differently.

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9211


*An expert on still acting like a child, despite her age, Kyra finishes her drink and takes the aging Tavaron by the arm*

Let's go find one.

*Kyra happens to know of a particular entertainment district aboard the space-station which caters for children of all ages, and she guides Tavaron in that general direction*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9212

Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

*Tavaron laughs and is happy to let Kyra lead her to wherever she wants.*

Beta rpg, Book the Seventh

Post 9213


*The sentient mold and bacteria civilizations in the food Lt. Lens had left out have progressed to the point of having cities and traffic congestion*

[Lt. Lens]: (to himself): "I really ought to clean out this room at some point, sheesh."

*He isn't aware of it but they have begun taking other things he hasn't cleaned up and using those to advance their society as well.*

"Now where did I leave that biro?"

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