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Rigel VI

Post 461


*Kyra gets up and sits in a proper chair, and calls Frankie to her*

Do you ever wish you could have a proper family? And do normal things?

*She is, of course, addressing Eli, not Frankie*

Rigel VI

Post 462

Otus Nycteus

* Eli chuckles and moves to another chair as well. *

That depends on what you call 'proper' and 'normal', I guess...

* He winks at Kyra. *

I'm happy with my life as it is now.

* Lucy returns with Paul and Tarak, and they, too, sit themselves down as Eli greets Paul. *

Rigel VI

Post 463


*Kyra envies that*

*She doesn't answer. She just takes hold of Frankie and waits for the jarring trip to start*

Rigel VI

Post 464

Otus Nycteus

* Soon, the familiar feeling of a [email protected] tells its occupants that they have left Rigel VI, and are on their way back through space-time to Aubergine and the good ship Mariposa. *

@ If you can call it "motion", that is.

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