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Posted: 11th January 2010




First of all, we want to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Second: it is winter! Most of Europe is currently covered in snow with temperatures well below zero. For some countries, like mine, this isn't too much of a problem, we often have snow and low temperatures in winter. Other countries, like the UK, are not used to it, so they're neither prepared nor well equipped. I know that lots of people are freezing - their central heating has given up the ghost. Add to that that gas is in short supply because the UK is practically immobile, and the situation is really bad. I really hope that the worst is over now and things are starting to look up! However bad your situation, though, please spare a thought on the wildlife and don't forget to feed the birds.

There are lots of things to mention, so I'll try to keep it brief. I'll start with Rich and Lanie who are getting married in the Gambia on this very day. Our best wishes for a very happy life!

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Our contributors have been busy, and I'm happy to be able to present you a wonderful first issue of the year. Things were a bit hectic towards the end of last year, and so we missed to notice that The Return of the Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase should have been rewarded his Post Reporter Badge quite some time ago. I've emailed the eds to rectify this. Congratulations! This isn't all the good news, however. You'll find below the article of an expat in Japan. I'm very happy that he was pointed to the Post by fellow Researchers. It is a great first article, and more are to come.







Thank you so much to everyone who took part. The competition entries were of high quality and so it came as no surprise that the voting results were close. We have, however, three winners, which you'll find below. Congratulations to all who took part!

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Think Tank 140

Sympathy for the Wounded

It can't have escaped most of your attention that the normally green
hills of England have been in a somewhat wintery condition of late.

On the 3rd of January, HonestIago slipped on the ice and
re-fractured his already broken left wrist.

It's currently in a cast and will need splints to fully heal, so while
he recovers, and to cheer him up some, I have organised a 'wish Iago a swift recovery' thread and
would like to invite as many researchers as possible to come and wish Iago a
community wide "Get Well Soon".

The parking's free; the visiting hours are indefinite plus there's
free nibbles.
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