The h2g2 Post Christmas Anagram Quiz 2009 Solution

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This year we addressed a few fictional characters.

Did you place all the characters in their correct homes?

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  1. Duo Town - Tar be Purer

    Nutwood - Rupert Bear

  2. Watched Rounded Hero - Woo, Pine Hit Hen

    The Hundred Acre Wood - Winnie The Pooh

  3. Tis Cave Cull - End Data Spree

    Cactusville - Desperate Dan

  4. Better Rakes - Hemlock Her Loss

    Baker Street - Sherlock Holmes

  5. Many Dramatise - Pen Real Jam

    Saint Mary Mead - Jane Marple

  6. Deny Realm - Cee crab

    Manderley - Rebecca

  7. Simple Root - Tank Clerk

    Metropolis - Clark Kent

  8. Grandsons Weird - Grandpa into bed

    Windsor Gardens - Paddington Bear

  9. Serial vow - he flips agog

    Savile Row - Phileas Fogg

  10. cards groan choirs - fan elf eh hen

    Charing Cross Road - Helene Hanff

  11. peel hot thorn - hits fresh tarmac

    The North Pole - Father Christmas

  12. horny for readers - jabs demon

    Horsen Ferry Road - James Bond

  13. flings pride - horses nip mom

    Springfield - Homer Simpson

  14. mythic goat - cue any brew

    Gotham City - Bruce Wayne

  15. need lager - man taps pot

    Greendale - Postman Pat

  16. feeds hot sorrow - ooh, rib don

    Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood

  17. awing - got warm dalliance

    Wigan - Wallace and Gromit

  18. none comb wild mom - blows theme

    Wimbledon Common - The Wombles

  19. tightening will - try trap hero

    Little Whinging - Harry Potter

  20. vile blobs - rubbed the boil

    Bobsville - Bob The Builder

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