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The thirty-eighth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 02.11.09

    The Hallowe'en special features Clive's wonderful pumpkin carvings, as well as gruesome poetry, spooky stories and rancid recipes. Read it if you dare!

  • 09.11.09

    There's a bit of a shock announcement as Rich decides that he's stepping down as editor. Pinniped makes an appeal for quality, while Sam reveals all (well, almost all) in a 1-2-1 Interview.

  • 16.11.09

    Mancunian Blues looks back in nostalgia, Smudger is feeling alone, and Musical Notes looks at unfinished compositions. And could you compose a story in only 140 characters?

  • 23.11.09

    It's a momentous occasion as Platypus Dancing clocks up its 200th appearance, and gets a new banner to celebrate. TonsilRevenge has a few words of wisdom, somewhere. Dmitri wakes up sad on an awful morning, while B'Elana has some thoughts on swine flu.

  • 30.11.09

    Little Bea says her farewells to Big China, minorvogonpoet puts her thoughts on the London tube and bus bombs into 140 words, and the chemistry of vampire slaying is examined. Plus the seasonal excitement of an advent calendar, with a new door to open every day!

  • 07.12.09

    The Post is astonishingly 10 years old, and Shazz's editorial looks back over the decade. Websailor does the same, focussing on the wildlife and environmental milestones we have encountered. Nigel presents us with a gorgeous Happy Birthday rose, and Galaxy Babe searches for breathtaking 10s in the skies. Psycorp is granted an interview with italic Nick Reynolds. There's a plethora of cartoons and stories, and if that's not enough fun for you, there's a crossword, a special wordsearch, and the launch of the annual Christmas competitions.

  • 14.12.09

    Feathers are flying in dmitri's story 'A Murder of Crows', feathers are beautiful in Marauding Pillowcase's illustration of the Kori Bustard, and feathers are hidden in Icy North's Eagle Eye quiz: Spot the Researcher. Who managed to finish her novel during NaNoWriMo, who will you vote for to be November's Entry of the Month, and just who is Jordan, asks the_Jon_M?

  • 21.12.09

    Seasonal treats galore! There's poetry, both regular and Vogon, to enjoy and vote for (well, enjoy's maybe the wrong word for the Vogon stuff...) There's cartoons and stories, and plenty of word games to keep our readers occupied over the holiday period.

  • 11.01.10

    A welcome to the New Year, and to a new column from The Reluctant Gaijin, on life in Japan. Rear View starts a new series of reports on a journey from Scotland to Africa, and there's some moving poetry from Jimcracker and Smudger.

  • 18.01.10

    The dreadful earthquake in Haiti and its horrendous aftermath are the subject of much discussion: Dmitri examines some of the notions about its traditions. Opti interviews Galaxy Babe about being a Curator, while Smudger struggles to remember all his PINs. There are plenty of visual treats as we welcome The Fast Cartoonist to our band, whilst Anarchy Gordon is back, and JEllen provides another beautiful Mandala.

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