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Posted: 16th November 2009



The Show must go on

Well, for those of you who wondered who'd take over as Post Editor, the waiting has come to an end. For those who missed last week's Post, let me tell you that sadly, Rich decided to pass on the reins of the h2g2 flagship. This came as a shock to our readers, writers and Post Team alike. He's been the editor I knew best. He taught me everything about the Post that I know today. He was incredibly patient. He encouraged me to learn a lot of the technical side of running the Post, to go out and actively look for suitable pieces, and he invited me to step in as editor when he was away. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he was always full of ideas and plans for the Post - and he worked until the ideas were put into action - the latest being for the Post to go back to weekly, and for the Post Front Page to get a new design.

As I've fully supported these changes then, I don't intend to change anything now just 'because I can'. It would be a silly thing to do. I fully intend to make use of one or the other suggestion, made in the Post Readers' Forum, in the future, though. First of all, the team and I will have to steer into calmer waters again, and what with the upcoming 10th Birthday of the Post and the Christmas issue I dare say that may take a while yet.

Speaking of which: I hope we'll have lots of submissions to mark the h2g2 Post's 10th birthday on 7th December.
So to give you a good advance warning, and because I know you lot love deadlines, I'll ask you to submit articles for the 10th Birthday Issue by Monday, 30th November. This should give our splendid but reduced team a chance to prepare a cracking issue. For all issues between today and 7th December, it is 'business as usual', ie the normal rules of no deadlines apply.

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