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A banner showing some of Clive the Flying Ostrich's fantastic pumpkins

Posted: 2nd November 2009



smiley - pumpkin Happy Halloween! smiley - pumpkin

The pumpkins stood ready to carve

When Rich said 'You're all havin' a larf!

These aren't really squashes

We need to be cautious:

But right now I'm off to the Algarve'.

Then B'Elana said: Leave it to me,

I will go on an 'editing spree'.

I'll throw out every thin'

Not related to pumpkin.

And she then rubbed her hands with much glee.

'Calm down' Bea cried, taking a swig,

'Oi tink it's toime fer a shindig!'

She snatched the Bushmills,

After six more refills,

To Black Sabbath she started to jig.

With a bang Shazz came into the room

Riding on her new wooden broom

She was cackling with glee

And told what she could see

Concealed in a dark, spooky tomb.

There's the sound of a melee forebodin'

As Mal onto the scene is explodin'

'Now take this on board,

You zombified horde!

I shall smite ye, this sword's blessed by Odin!'

King Bomba, beholding the moon

Took hold of the hilt of his spoon.

Mummified curry

In vampire slurry

It just doesn't taste right at noon!

Our Terran was curious – he's new

And went for a look at the flue

Didn't notice the cauldron

Then found that he'd fall'n in

So now he goes well with our stew.

Titania, surveying the scene

Like her namesake, the proud fairy queen

Gives her broomstick a swish

To help us all wish

Our readers a Great Hallowe'en.

See, the Post Office always is frightening,

With so many loose screws that need tightening.

But since some of the fools

Let in zombies and ghouls,

Even Igor now jumps at the lightning!

smiley - pumpkin
Them Teapots
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