The Young, the Dead and the Shapeless: Part 2

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The Young, the Dead and the Shapeless

Part 2

I could see the whole city below me. At first it didn't look much different to the world I knew. But as I floated nearer it was clearly a different world. Then something went through me. I could only describe it as a car, but it was like no car I had ever seen. The weirdest thing was that for a few moments I actually felt as though I was part of the vehicle. The forces at work in it briefly merging with me for a split second. There were no obvious moving parts other than the solid machine itself, and it didn't appear to use any form of circuitry that I'd been familiar with. But the contact was too brief and disturbing for me to really understand it.

All this was still very strange to me. A hundred years had passed, but the sensation of being a bodiless entity was all too new. When I'd gathered my wits I found I was being pulled towards a large building towering in to the sky. The only thing I could compare it to was maybe the force of the wind pushing you along, or the drag of a magnet on metal. But it was far more powerful than that. It was more an emotion than anything, pulling me in.

And then I went nearer and nearer to a room. The windows were strange to me, they weren't made of glass. But I went through them all the same. And then I was in the room.

It was very dark. There was an evil force in here. I could feel it. The most powerful force I had ever felt. It surrounded the room where the darkness was. It was the creature. I didn't know how I knew it was the creature, as i couldn't see it, but I could feel it. But there was also someone else in the room. A woman. A young woman. She was terrified. She was cowering in the moon light.

I had this horrible feeling the poor girl was about to suffer the same fate that I had. But I was helpless. But if someone didn't do something this girl would die. There was a sound like a very sick cat in the darkness... it was a twisted sound like it was echoing against the darkness itself. And it moved. The darkness actually moved. And then I could see it.

It looked different than before. It had a strange eerie glow that I couldn't see before. Maybe it was a result of being dead. And it moved towards the girl, making that sound again. It went for the girl. I had to do something. I dived at the thing. I don't know how or what I was diving with, as I had no body, but whatever I was now, was moving towards the creature.

As I made contact with the creature it screeched the most horrible sound I had ever heard. It was in agony. I recoiled back in pain. I could FEEL its pain. Everything about me just thudded with pain, and I felt myself slipping in to nothingness again for a while.

When I came to - if thats what you could call the sensation of being back in the material world - the creature was gone. I could no longer feel it, but not much time had passed. The girl was on the floor sobbing, in shock.

I walked over to her, but she couldn't see me. There was a knock on the door to the flat. "Hello! Is everyone alright in here?". The girl looked up.

"There were reports of a disturbance.", said the knocker. It was a hundred years later, but it was still the unquestionable tone of a policeman.

The girl slowly got up, in shock and quietly opened the door. As the light from the hallway filtered in to the room I could see what a state of disrepair the room was in. "Excuse me miss", said the policeman through the crack of opened door the woman was looking through, "but there was a report of a set of terrible screams coming from here. Are you okay?"

In the light her features became clear. She was terribly thin, with blonde hair, and caucasian features. She couldn't speak. Her voice kept trying to speak but the policeman could see something horrific had happened. "I'm fine", she finally got out, and went to close the door.

"Miss, what have you seen?", said the policeman.

The woman was taken aback. "I... I don't know... there was this thing... I felt... I felt like I was going to die... there was this scream... this thing came towards me"

Strangely I felt slightly relieved that someone in the material world could help this girl, someone not in my seemingly confused state. I still wasn't completely sure what was going to happen to me.

"Then there was a bright light I saw an outline of a man,"

She'd seen me... but how was that possible?

"...he struck this thing. It let out a scream, and then I ... well you came... and I don't what to do. Am I going mad?", she looked like she was about to collapse

"Come with me", said the policeman. I decided to follow.

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