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Posted: 30th November 2009




Today, I had trouble – loading pages on h2g2 was incredibly slow. I switched to another browser to check whether it was h2g2 or my internet connection. Opera has something called 'Turbo', and it was indeed much faster.
You can bet that it wasn't as easy as it sounds, though: Opera needed an update. Afterwards, I noticed a few icons which I had never seen before, so I tried to find out. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Opera offers exactly the same things the new, much talked about 'Google Wave' offers. I had briefly wondered whether the new 'Google Wave' feature might be suitable for the Post Team to make communication, sharing of files etc easier. Apparently, this feature isn't new in Opera, although I can't tell because I don't use Opera very often. Anyway, always curious and checking things out, I signed up. You don't need to have Opera mail, any valid email account will do.

It wasn't a good day, though, the validation email never arrived. I guess it's a global problem, because Twitter didn't want to play, either. I don't know how and why, but our Twitter Account has gained quite a few followers from all over the world in the past few days. It is fascinating, and I always click on the follower's profile, trying to guess who it could be. Today, I got error messages, though, so I'll have to try another time. Maybe everybody was busy creating a Twitter Cloud, which caused too much traffic for the Twitter servers, who knows.

Here at the Post Office, we've been very busy, too, these past few weeks. In addition to the usual work, there was lots to plan and to prepare for our special issues, like the Post's 10 birthday next week - and we haven't even started planning the Christmas issue yet.
The communication within the Post Team was a little difficult at times. My emails to the group kept bouncing back, and KB lost his email account altogether.

However, many hands make light work, and in a huge effort of fantastic teamwork, and despite all the hindrances, we even managed to prepare something very special for the current issue: the h2g2 Post Advent Calendar which you'll find below. Bookmark it and find a new surprise behind the windows for each of the first 24 days in December.
But that's not all we have to offer. After a longer absence, Nigel is back with his popular Gardening Hints and Tips. We have articles from cartoonists and writers old and new, like the experience RodtheBrit describes, see below.
Last week we offered a prominent space on the Post Front Page for your thoughts in no more than 140 words, and I'm delighted to say that minorvogonpoet was interested.
Before you start reading all the gems, I want to remind you of our The Post 10th Anniversary Graphic Competition, the deadline for which is midnight GMT tonight.


















Think Tank 140


It started as an ordinary morning,

until rumours began running in the office.

An explosion at Liverpool Street,

or was it Edgware Road?

A power surge, they said, until a bus

blew up.

Tension crackled as the words

'terrorist' and 'bomb' passed

from ear to mouth to ear.

Workers swarmed round monitors,

gazed at photos of a bus opened

as a sardine tin,

passengers straggling from familiar stations

bewildered and bloodied

as from a war zone.

Safe in our air-conditioned office

we couldn't concentrate

on the intricacies of local government

while our fellows died a mile away.

I returned home wondering

about bombs beneath seats.








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